Lacy Button Boot Cuffs

Hey, friends…join me in welcoming our new crochet contributor, Bethany from Whistle and Ivy.  She’s back to share her second post with us today, a variation on the crochet boot cuff!

Although we are all looking forward toward Spring,(hello, flip-flops!) I wanted to share one more cozy crochet pattern.

 photo lacybuttonbootcuffsfreecrochetpattern2WM_zpsb23fb71e.jpg” width=“640

These boot cuffs are pretty easy, and the button and lacy detail are cute and fun.

Medium Weight Yarn in 2 colors (Caron Simply Soft)
G hook
Tapestry/Yarn Needle

Make 2

Ch 25
1. Hdc 2nd ch from hook Hdc 23. Turn.

2. – 37.  (back loops only)Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 23. Turn. You can work more rows here to make your boot cuffs larger.

Left Boot Cuff:

37. Hdc 12. (ch 1. Sk 1 st. Hdc into next st. Hdc 3) work 2 times. Ch 1. Sk 1 st. Hdc into last st. . Turn your piece 90 degrees and work a sc in same st. Sc all across the top(about 36 sts).

 Start at the bottom of the side with the button holes. The button holes with will to the left side, and your sc side with be to the left. Join your second color with a sl st.

Ch 1. (in back loops only) (Dc 4 in next st, sk 1 st, sl st, sk 1 st)Repeat across the side and continue around the corner and across the top. Tie off.

Right Boot Cuff:

37. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. (Ch 1. Sk 1 st. Hdc in next st. Hdc 3) work 3 times. Hdc 8. Tie off. Turn 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Join your yarn on the top long side, on the right. Your buttonholes should be to your left, at the top of the side. Join your yarn with a sl st and sc across the top (about 36 sts). Tie off.

Join your yarn in the same place your joined to do the sc across the top. Join with a sl st.
Ch 1. (in back loops only) (Dc 4 in next st, sk 1 st, sl st, sk 1 st)Repeat across the top and continue around the corner and across the side. Tie off.

To close off your boot cuffs, sew from the edge up to the buttons, going in and out with the same color of yarn.


 photo lacybuttonbootcuffsfreecrochetpatternWM_zps7f692293.jpg” width=“640

Happy crocheting!!

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  1. The boot cuffs are so nice, I am teaching myself to crochet and think these would be
    easy. My daughter seen them on pinterest and emailed me. I believe it was a hint for me to make them for her. Thanks again for sharing these

  2. These are so cute! Is there any way I can get a picture of the boot cuffs by themselves, so I can see what the whole thing looks like when they are finished? Thanks!!!

  3. I am so confused!!! So the right and left boot cuff are totally different. I started at the beginning where you chain 25 and star #1 ended at # 2. Now I don’t know where to go since both cuffs are different,, I would like to make the one with lace. I tried going on down from 2 but was really confused. Can you help me please?


    1. I am making the whistle &Ivy cuffs. This is to my Las post, if I want to make the lacy cuffs where do I go after I finish 1&2 , do I go to the left boot cuff or the right one?

  4. Great pattern! I made them for my mom as a gift, she’ll love them, thanks for the patter! And merry Christmas!

  5. I got the left one made in black with white trim to go with a black and white dress and I love it, now to do the right one. Thanks for sharing pattern.

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