Introducing…Amy Latta Creations!

Friends, today is a big day! For almost seven years now, I have been the blogger behind One Artsy Mama. Truth be told, when I created my first post, I gave very little thought to what I wanted my blog to be called. I was so anxious to get my ideas out there and inspire others that naming the site was just one more thing I had to check off the list before I could hit, “publish.”

Little Crafter was 2 years old, and at the time, I thought my blog was going to be all about the kids’ crafts I was making with him as a stay at home mom. So, off the cuff, I typed in, “One Artsy Mama,” and the blog was born.

Holy moly, he was a cute little squishy! This is from my first ever blog post!

Seven years ago, I was living in the present {as most young mamas do} and didn’t forsee that as LC got older and started school, my focus would start to shift. I didn’t realize that I’d be sharing home decor projects and crafts for grownups far more than I’d be sharing crafts for kids. I never knew that advertisers and manufacturers would pay to work with people like me or dreamed that some of my favorite companies would want to partner with what I was doing…Plaid Crafts, I’m looking at you! And believe it or not, I didn’t know hand lettering existed! I most certainly never envisioned writing a book {or three} and if you had told me there would be more than twenty thousand readers following along on my social media accounts, I’d have laughed you right out of my living room.

The reality, though, is that all of those things have happened! Instead of being a mama in a small town just sharing a few kids’ projects and hoping a handful of people might see them, I’m now a professional artist and published author who leads workshops, speaks at conferences, and uses the platform I have to share the message that anyone {yes ANYONE} can create beautiful things.

I tell you these things for three reasons, friend. 

First, I want my story to encourage you that your life’s path may end up looking far more amazing than what you can see right now. There are things in store for you that you can’t even imagine. If you feel small and stuck and like what you do doesn’t matter, chin up, cupcake! You never know what’s right around the bend! With a little hard work, a lot of prayer, and a passion, your dreams can become realities.

Second, I want to thank you for being a part of this amazing journey! Each of you who reads the posts I share, interacts with me on social media, or purchased my book has played a part in the story. You are a part of my community and without you none of these amazing things could have happened.

Finally, I want to explain the reason why I am changing the name of my business from One Artsy Mama to Amy Latta Creations. 

Have you ever put on a pair of jeans that was just a little too tight in the thighs but gapped at the waist? They’re cute and they seem like they’d work well, but they’re just not quite the right fit. Over the past year or so, I’ve started to notice that the name One Artsy Mama feels the same way. Just not quite the right fit. When I hear that name, I feel like it no longer reflects what I do. I wanted to transition to something that is broad enough to encompass my lettering as well as the home decor and general craft projects I love to create, as well as go beyond just the blog. I wanted it to include the workshops I host, the presentations I give, and the books I write. So, after much discussion and brainstorming and with the help of my right-hand gal, Erin, I settled on Amy Latta Creations. It fits like a glove, or at least that’s how it feels to me. After such a long time, it’s a little bittersweet to say goodbye to the old name, but I’m excited to move forward and continue growing my business and community.

Over the coming weeks, my social media and URL will be changing to match the new branding, and I’ll be letting you know as that happens. I’ve also reorganized the website here so that it’s hopefully a lot easier to navigate and more user-friendly. Please click around and see what you think! I’d love to hear your feedback.

I want to assure you that the things you’ve come to expect from me are the same things I will still be doing. You’ll get the same step-by-step tutorials here on the blog, the same sarcastic hand-lettered posts on Instagram, the same inspirational pins on Pinterest, and the same community support on Facebook. If any of you are actually on Twitter anymore, I’ll still be there too. All that’s changing is my name…except that it’s now…my name!

Thanks so much for being here and for making what I do possible. Happy creating!

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  1. Wow! What a great way to start off the new year –
    organized and sporting your new, improved blog look and name. I love it all! Have been a fan for a loonng time, and as things have shifted, I think this step and name are both very fitting. Congrats on all the awesome things that have lead up to this, and best of luck on the continuation in the journey!

  2. Hi Amy! Just FYI–the pop up for signing up for the newsletter still has the One Artsy Mama logo on it. Thanks for sharing your heart behind the beginning of your blog and the new changes. Love the “not the right fit” analogy. 🙂

  3. Exciting! I totally get the reasons for the rebranding. I am SO THANKFUL that my spontaneous blog title was ‘My Creative Life’ because it’s been able to grow with me. As my son is getting older, he’s less present on the blog and I’m doing different things.

  4. Love the rebranding. Isaiah 55 comes to mind as you shared your original plan and how the Lord has given you a renewed vision. All this in Carroll County!!

  5. I just received your book in the mail today. Of course, it’s so pretty I don’t want to practice in it! Lol
    I’m completely new to this. I wish there was a place that offered this kind of class with wine like the painting parties. Maybe you could start nationwide classes for me? Lol

  6. I love the new look and the name change, and I can totally understand your feelings. I have been planning a url change and blog makeover myself, which is funny, because our blog names are so similar! From the day I chose my blog name, I didn’t ever think it was a good “fit” for me (especially since it has the word “mom” in it, and I was nearing the empty nester stage when I started my blog in 2011.) You have done amazing things, and I wish you the best with the changes!

  7. Amy I’m a “Newby (that hasn’t started) and don’t know where and how to start. Can you advise me please? What to purchase and
    and???? Thanks Amy

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