DIY Holiday Coupon Book

Hey, friends!   I made up this little printable coupon book for you to download and use now that the holidays are just around the corner!  It makes a fun {and free!} stocking stuffer for a spouse, a friend, a parent, or even your kids!  Here you are:
holiday coupon template {I made it up for you and you can download it right from this post!}
small hole punch
ribbon, cord, or twine
marker or pen
STEP 1: Save the coupon templates {just open the link for each page, right click and save to your computer}. Print out as many copies as you like. You only need to print the first page once. If you want more than six coupons, print pages 2-3 multiple times until you have your desired number. I printed mine on cardstock so the coupons are a little sturdier.
Page 1: Instructions and cover
Page 2: Coupon designs 1-3
Page 3: Coupon designs 4-6
STEP 2: Cut out coupons and arrange in whatever order you like. Place the cover on top.

STEP 3: Punch a hole in the upper left corner of each coupon. Tie together with ribbon or cord.

STEP 4: Fill in whatever you want each coupon to be redeemable for!
Here are a few ideas for a significant other:
a massage {you can specify back rub, foot rub, etc}
dinner out
your favorite dinner at home
a movie night
a coffeehouse date
doing your least favorite household chore for you
A few ideas for a neighbor or friend:
one night of free babysitting
one girls’ day out
one trip to the mall/Michael’s/clothing store together
one afternoon at the coffeehouse
one drink at Starbucks on me
one meal delivered to your house
one lesson in {whatever kind of craft you do best}
Have fun, be creative, and try to think of what that person would appreciate most!
This little book makes a great stocking stuffer or a gift for the person on your list who’s impossible to buy for! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much, Natalie, for sharing your fabulous blog with me today. I hope you all will come and visit me sometime at One Artsy Mama; I love making new friends, and I have some exciting things going on for the holidays!
Happy crafting,

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for providing the templates and ideas. I was thinking about buying a bunch of expensive supplies to make a coupon book this year, but this saved me a lot of time and money. Neither of which I have much of 🙂

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