15 Projects Lorelai Gilmore Would Love

Friends, are you as excited as I am about the official news of a Gilmore Girls revival?! I have been binge watching old episodes for the past month, and I cannot wait to see what is happening in my favorite characters’ lives eight years later! In celebration of this fabulous news, I thought it would be fun to go back through past blog posts and see which ones would be Lorelai approved! Here are fifteen things I found that she would be sure to love…

Gilmore Girls 15 Projects Lorelai Would Love

Food and Drinks

We all know that Lorelai’s eating habits are far from healthy…other than whatever she gets at Friday night dinner, she lives on burgers, pizza, Chinese, junk food, and whatever the special is at Al’s Pancake World. Her drinks of choice are coffee, coffee, coffee, or a martini, but she’ll also drink whatever cocktail is on hand.

lorelai food

1. These S’mores on a Stick would be perfect for movie night. Marshmallows, chocolate, and cereal are things you can always find in the Gilmore house…combine them and it’s a definite win.

2. A Grownup Caramel Macchiato, complete with caramel, coffee, and Bailey’s would surely appeal to Lorelai after a phone call with her mother.

3. This Turtle Coffee Cocktail combines so many of Lorelai’s favorite things…coffee, chocolate, ice cream, and alcohol!

4. Pudding with a Toppings Bar is a no-brainer. Lorelai loves chocolate pudding {so much so that she once felt like she connected with her mother when it was served at Friday dinner} not to mention all the fun things you can put on top, like marshmallows, nuts, and sprinkles!


It’s obvious that Lorelai loves fashion and jewelry…as well as shopping for things to wear. She almost always wears a necklace, and we see Luke give her both a pair of earrings and a crystal necklace made by his sister Liz. Here are a few One Artsy Mama pieces I think she would enjoy adding to her collection.

lorelai jewelry

5. This Hammered Wire Coffee Cup necklace is a sophisticated nod to her favorite beverage.

6. “Got Coffee?” This stamped necklace with a tiny clay coffee bean is surely asking a rhetorical question, since Lorelai’s answer would always be a resounding yes.

7. Petite Gold Star Earrings are a discreet reference to the Gilmore Girls’ beloved hometown of Stars Hollow.

8. It’s impossible to forget Luke’s sweet words, I’m all in,” regarding his romantic relationship with Lorelai…but this special stamped pendant would be a wearable reminder.

9. “Cupcakes & Caffeine“, the phrase stamped on this metal cuff could easily be Lorelai’s motto.

10. In case of emergency {ie: Monday}, Lorelai could break open the vial of this Coffee Fix necklace.

Hand Lettered Projects & Home Decor

Lorelai definitely doesn’t consider herself an artistically gifted person, but she does enjoy a good DIY, like when she painted the garage and bought glitter, stencils, and more to make it a space just for herself. Here are a few DIY projects I think she’s enjoy…if not making them herself, getting them as gifts.

lorelai lettering

11. This “but first, Coffee” sign would go nicely in the Gilmore kitchen, don’t you agree?

12. Lorelai could bring her own “free refills” coffee mug to Luke’s Diner. I bet Kirk would want one too.

13. Swap out the map of California for a map of Connecticut, and this Framed Map Art would be a sweet tribute to Stars Hollow. I’m sure Taylor could provide a map of the town with a giant sized Doose’s Market and Sweet Shoppe too.

14. Surely these Hand Lettered Trivets with their messages about coffee would be welcome in Lorelai’s home…for decorative purposes only, of course. We all know there’s no cooking going on there.

And last but not least, I have a free printable for you today of one of my favorite Lorelai Gilmore quotes ever. Just right click the image and save it to your computer, or click this link to download. Enjoy!

Gilmore Girls quote printable


What do you think? What are you most excited to see in the revival episodes?


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  1. I love all of these things! I just hope I can snatch the remote long enough to try to catch up on, at least, some of the “Gilmore” that I have missed – which is most of them – it must have always been on when hubby’s fav shows were on… The few times that I did see it were fantastic! From all of the above, it seems like I could TOTALLY get addicted to that show! Thanks for the great download!

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