Hand Lettered Coffee Sign

Hey, friends! We’ve been snowed in this weekend, so that meant I had plenty of time to work on some fun craft projects! Here’s a little something I whipped up using hand lettering to help decorate the house. Take a look…

Hand Lettered Wooden Coffee Sign

Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage Decor Paint, Wedding Cake
Folk Art Home Decor Wax, Clear
Small Wooden Sign {mine is from Michaels}
Soft, lint free cloth
Permanent Marker or Paint Marker
Medium Grit Sandpaper


Step 1: Paint your sign with two coats of the white paint.
Let it dry completely between coats and before moving to the next step.


Step 2: Plan your design on scrap paper, then use permanent or paint markers to letter it on your sign.
I like to start in the center and work my way outward to make sure my design appears properly centered. If you like, you can lightly pencil your design first, then trace over it with your markers.
For this design, I used the brush alphabet and a basic banner. If you’re new to hand lettering, check out my simple step by step tutorial for getting started with the basics!

Coffee Sign

Step 3: Lightly distress your sign with medium grit sandpaper.
I focus on corners and edges, as well as lightly sanding the entire surface.


Step 4: Use a soft, lint-free cloth to apply an even coat of clear wax to your sign.
If you prefer a more vintage, antiqued finish, you can use the darker antique wax instead.


Once the wax dries, you can buff it to your desired finish.

Hand Lettered Coffee Sign

I can’t wait to hang this in my kitchen! I have the perfect empty spot right over the sink for it. What about you? What would your sign say?

Coffee Sign with Hand Lettering

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