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*From Amy and Erin* Hello friends! Remember when we had that wonderful visit to Thirty Hair and Sarah gave new life to our hair? Well, we are so excited to have Sarah join us with a couple of guest posts that will feature some “honestly do-able” beauty tips! Today’s post will show you how to use things you might already have lying around the house and re-purpose them for beauty’s sake! Here’s Sarah…*


At Thirty Hair, our clients are always asking us for some easy tips and tricks for hair and makeup using things they might already have at home so they can save money, time, and space. I would love to share some of my tips and tricks with the One Artsy Mama community!


Coconut Oil

One of my favorite go-to products that many have around their house is coconut oil. Need to add moisture to your hair? Did you over pluck your eyebrows? Want a quick way to take off your eye makeup after a long day? Coconut oil to the rescue! There are so many ways to use this product, but here’s some tips to help!

Hair – My team suggests using it as a deep conditioner. You can apply it the night before you wash your hair. Slather it on pretty thick, and then put your hair in a bun (if it’s long enough). Now comes the REALLY important part! In the morning, before you go hopping in the hot steamy water of your shower, apply shampoo to your hair. If you miss this step, the water will repel off of the coconut oil and you will be a grease ball for the day! Apply shampoo, then rinse and shampoo again, and the condition. You will notice your hair is softer, more manageable, and less frizz. For major dry hair, try doing this every other wash until it gets under control and then you can limit it to once a week.

Eye Makeup –  Apply the coconut oil liberally with your fingers to your eye area, really emulsifying the oil to remove all that eyeliner, mascara, etc from your day. Wipe clean with a cotton pad or tissue, and then continue with your face wash to fully remove. Added perk? It gives your eye area a little extra moisture which is important as we age!

Eyebrows – When you over pluck your eyebrows OR for the areas where you have maybe lost hair due to pregnancy, you want to massage some coconut oil in before bedtime directly to the skin. The coconut oil is actually proven to help with new hair growth.

Baby Powder

For second (or third or fourth!) day hair, baby powder can be your best friend.. Before you go and drop $20-30 on a can of dry shampoo, try using baby powder first. You can sprinkle the powder into a large paddle brush, or sprinkle directly on to your roots where you are oily. After applying it, make sure to brush through well. I prefer to do it at night time so it can absorb as you sleep. *Dark haired gals beware – if you do not brush enough, you can have a slightly lighter root area.*

Scotch Tape

I’m sure almost every household has some rolls of scotch tape laying around. Did you know you can use it to obtain that perfect winged eyeliner look? Put some scotch tape on the edge of your eye to apply your liquid liner. It will create a crisp line and prevent bleeding down. Remove it after all your eye makeup application is done and you’ll have a crisp, clean winged line for that night out!


Scrunchies for the win! How many of you have these stuffed in the back of your drawers, probably hiding with a flannel shirt or two?  Who would’ve known that they would come back to help us look cute in a flash! Buns are all the rage right now, but they can be tricky to look right without a lot of hairspray and pins. Next time you want a cute and quick bun, try ponytailing your hair, then using a scrunchie to roll your hair around, and make a sock bun without having to buy that weird foam donut. If done right, you may only need one or two bobby pins! The video below shows one of our staff members showing how to do this “honestly doable” hairstyle.



Missing all the ponytail holders in your house? It happens to the best of us. For the crafters in the group, take some of your elastic you’ve bought for a craft project and make a small loop with a knot. Make that knot tight but also, you can make the loop large or small depending on thickness.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your fabulous tips with us today! What do you all think? Which ones do you already use? What tip is your favorite?

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  1. Believe it or not I use these products, that are listed in this post,also to clean the home. They really do a great job and are totally eco-friendly.

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