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3 Easy Holiday Hair Styles

Friends, you all know that around here we play the Honestly Game. So, I have to confess to you that honestly, I’ve never been awesome at hair styles. I follow people on Instagram and Pinterest who do the most amazing braids and all kinds of other styles that I would love to try, but when I do, they rarely turn out the way they’re supposed to. Which is why on a “normal” day, my style is very simple. My hair is long and stick-straight so I’m lucky enough that it looks decent if I just leave it alone and let it do its thing. This is what happens if I do absolutely nothing to it besides let it dry and brush it. I know. Don’t hate me because I got good hair genes.


But for special occasions {which happen a lot this time of year as the holidays approach!}, there are three easy but chic styles I like to use. They’re easy enough that even I can get them right every time, so I know you can too! Ready?

1. Soft curls

Easy Hair Style

This is the easiest one to do, and I sometimes even do it on a “regular” day if I have a few extra minutes. All you need is a good blow dryer and styling brush. I’m always looking to save time, so I think it’s great that the new Conair Pro 3Q Blow Dryer {which is available at Walmart} reduces drying time by up to 70% with lower temperature and faster airflow to minimize heat damage. It also has a brushless motor, which means that long term, the motor is going to hold up better, making the dryer last up to 10 times as long as other blow dryers.


First, I try to get my hair mostly dry using just the blow dryer itself, then I add the styling tool attachment and finish drying while I turn my hair under using a round brush. The one you see here is the Conair Professional Round Brush, and it’s available in different sizes. The larger your brush, the larger and looser the curl is going to be. I’ve found that for me, bigger is better when it comes to the round brush, so I bought the largest one Walmart had.


I just continue drying with the round brush until my hair has the curl and volume I want. I don’t put any product in my hair first, but you could certainly start with your favorite volumizer if you like. If your hair is completely dry and you still want a bit more curl, you can touch up the look with a very large barrel curling iron. I like to add just a little bit of hairspray to hold my bangs in place and help my hair hold the curl, but that’s all there is to it!

Easy Hair Style

I love this look because it’s soft and natural and I can achieve it in about ten minutes, which gives me more time to enjoy the day with my Little Crafter.


2. Lots of Curls

Conair CurlSecret

The secret ingredient for this style is the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret, which you can also find at Walmart. This is the one thing I actually asked for last Christmas, and I was thrilled when my in-laws gave it to me on Christmas Eve. I plugged it in and tried it out immediately, and the results are what you see in the photo above. It’s really easy to use and unlike any other curling system I’ve tried. You just place small sections of hair in the right spot on the barrel, press a button, and the hair is automatically rolled up inside. A timer will sound when the hair is curled, then you release the button and a gorgeous, shiny curl comes out! If you want beachy waves or bigger curls, use bigger sections of hair at a time. For tighter curls, I find that it’s best to use very small sections of hair…which takes awhile when you have as much hair as I do, but it gives beautiful results that are worth the wait.

Conair CurlSecret

My hair is notorious in our family for just how straight it is and how hard it is to make it hold a curl, so I was really pleased to discover that not only do the curls I get from the Curl Secret stay nice all day, they even look great the next day too.


3. Simple Side Chignon

Side Chignon

I’ve never been a fan of the way I look with an up-do, so when I want to get my hair out of the way and/or make it look a little more formal, I like to do a low side chignon.

Side Bun

It’s easy to do; just dry your hair with a great blow dryer like the Conair Pro 3Q, and use a styling brush to turn the ends under just a bit {this will help keep shorter strands from trying to poke out of the bun}. Gather your hair into a low side ponytail, twist the hair, then twist the ponytail around the holder. Insert hair pins to secure and use Conair Bobby Pins to keep any stray strands from sticking out in funny places. Here’s a quick video how-to:

Create a simple side bun with help from @Conair. #heartmyhair #cbias #ad #fashionblogger #bbloggers #styleblogger #hairoftheday

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You can easily dress up this look by adding a flower clip, a real flower, rhinestones, or any other hair accessory you love. Or, dress it down by leaving it plain and even a bit messy.

Side chignon

All three of these hair styles are really simple to do…so simple that I can manage them all myself with great success, which tells you something! For more great tips and inspiration, check out Conair on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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