Coffee Fix Necklace

Calling all coffee lovers! If you’re like me and look forward to your daily cup{s}, you might appreciate this fun little jewelry project! It’s always good to have a little coffee on hand in case of emergency, right?

Coffee Fix Necklace

It’s a real conversation piece and your friends won’t believe how easy it was to make! You can personalize it with your own favorite color beads or your own message, and you can even make a super-simple version if you’re not a metal stamper! Check it out…


{Some of mine were provided by ImpressArt and Goody Beads. Links to specific materials below are affilate links.}
– glass jar charm
– ground coffee
jump rings
– crystal bead
necklace chain and clasp
– super glue

ImpressArt Juniper lowercase alphabet stamps
Metal Stamping Hammer
Steel Stamping Block
ImpressArt 1.5″ Soft Strike Rectangle Stamping Blank
– Black Permanent Marker
Jewelry Polishing Cloth
– Flat Back Swarovski Crystal


Step 1: Fill the jar with ground coffee. I’d advise using a bit of super glue when you put the cork back in to hold the bottle together. I don’t think it would come apart with normal daily wear, but if you have a kiddo who might tug on it, you’re going to want to make sure it’s well sealed! Otherwise, get ready to clean up some coffee confetti…

Step 2: Add a bead. I chose a Swarovski Crystal Rondelle and placed it on an eyepin. I made a simple wire loop on the other end, then attached one loop to the jar and the other to a jump ring. If you’ve never made jewelry before, check out my Beading 101 post for step by step instructions on this part.


Step 3: Add a chain.

If you like the look of the necklace as is and don’t do metal stamping, you can stop right here! Even without the stamped tag, this is pretty fabulous, right? A little coffee, a little bling…


If you do happen to be a metal stamper and want to continue, though, keep on rolling to the next step. If you’re just starting out, you may want to look over these Metal Stamping Basics first.

Step 4: Stamp your message onto the blank. Color it in with permanent marker and rub off the excess with a polishing cloth.
I chose to use “coffee fix” but you can stamp a friend’s name, “got coffee?,” or anything else you like.

Step 5: Add color by gluing a flat backed crystal to the end of the blank. This part, of course, is totally optional too, but a little sparkle never hurt anybody, right? I chose purple because it’s my favorite color.


Step 6: Add a jump ring to your stamped blank and place it on the chain next to your jar. 

Ta-da! Your statement necklace is ready to wear!


If you’re not a coffee lover, you can easily replace the ground coffee with sprinkles, sugar, or even GLITTER! Imagine the possibilities… What would be in your jar?

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