New Voices of Beauty: Pretty Please Would You Vote?

Friends, I have a confession to make.

I’m freaking out!!!

Honestly.  Here’s the story.  Remember a few weeks ago I went to a little huge, amazing, exciting conference called LuckyFABB?!   In case you missed it, I got to travel to NYC, learn all kinds of blogging, fashion, and beauty tips, hear speakers like Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth, and network with all kinds of great brands.


I also did one other thing while I was there.  If you read my post “Top 5 Moments of Lucky FABB,” you heard a little bit about it in #2: Participating in the P&G Beauty “New Voices of Beauty” Contest.  If you missed it; here’s a quick review of what it was all about:

Before the conference, I received an email asking for bloggers who wanted to participate in the P&G New Voices of Beauty contest to be an Honorary Blogger for P&G Beauty {as in Secret, Olay, CoverGirl, Pantene…}!  I figured if I was going, I might as well take in everything I could possibly experience, so I applied.  The first day of the conference, I got an email saying I was chosen to participate and I was given a list of questions to answer during an on-camera interview the next day. When it was time for the taping, those of us who were participating were taken to the 6th floor of the Condé Nast building, where Lucky’s offices are!  I honestly thought I blew it.  I wasn’t prepared for the fact that they took us back in groups of three. With three interviews going on in the same room at the same time, it was incredibly distracting and hard to think.  Also, I’d practiced and prepared some great, thorough answers,  then right before going in we were told to be as brief as possible.  If you know me, you know I’m awesome at some things, but brevity isn’t one of them.  I found it really challenging trying to communicate everything I wanted to and do it quickly.  So I was pretty sure my part in the contest ended there in the taping room.


We were told that there would be eight finalists and four winners, and that finalists would be notified the first week in November.  Last week came and went with no word from Lucky.  I wasn’t surprised; remember, I thought I totally blew it.  Then yesterday, I checked my email after carpool and almost fell over.  I made it!  I’m one of those eight finalists!  I’m still pretty much in shock.  It blows my mind that in the midst of all the beautiful, fashionable, talented women who applied, this normal Artsy Mama who got made fun of for her appearance in school somehow ended up making it to the next round.  It’s unreal.


Before I tell you about your part in all this, let me give you just a tiny bit more information.  First, why in the world do I want to be a P&G Honorary Blogger?
It’s simple.  Here at One Artsy Mama, we’re all about “honestly,” right?  I share things you can honestly make, honestly do with your kids, and honestly wear.  We all know runway looks don’t exactly work in carpool, so it’s my goal to show how easy it is to adapt those trends so you can still feel fashionable and stylish and beautiful wherever you are, whatever you’re doing in your real life.  Which means that more often than not, the clothes I show you came from someplace like Target, and so did most of my makeup.  I don’t spend a fortune on most of what I wear and use, because let’s face it, I don’t have a money tree in my back yard and most of you don’t either.  I feel like the P&G Beauty line offers great, high quality products for you and me at prices that are honestly affordable.  Whether you’re a mom, a young married woman, a college student, a grandma…these are the products that we can actually buy, use, and feel good about on a regular basis.


You all know I don’t promote things I don’t love or use.  So let me tell you the honest truth.  For the past I-refuse-to-admit-how-many years, I’ve used Secret deodorant.  It smells good and it works; that’s all I need to know.  Right now in my bathroom there’s a pack of Olay fresh effects face wipes that I use every night to remove my makeup.  Ever since I was on a camping trip about ten years ago and my friend Maggie introduced me to disposable cleaning cloths, I’ve been hooked.  They’re my jam.  I have used Pantene Pro-V shampoo since high school.  And, CoverGirl and I are old friends.  I have their lip gloss on today, as well as their contour blush.  And their Flamed Out Mascara rocks my socks.  True story.  These are products I really use every day and have used and liked for years.  No one had to convince me to use them; I’ve trusted these brands for a *ahem* long time.  So I feel like this is a brand I can really align with as an honorary blogger.  Their mission is much like mine…I dig that.


So, I know you’re all wondering, “What do you get if you win?”  Well, here you go…the 4 winning bloggers will receive:

  • Title of “New Voices of Beauty Honorary Blogger”

  • Year’s Supply of COVERGIRL, Olay, Pantene, and Secret Product

  • Feature in a Lucky-produced “A Day in the Life of the New Voices of Beauty” Video Filmed in New York City   

  • Recognition on P&G Beauty Media Platforms Like StyleUnited by

Now.  Here’s where you come in.  I need your help.  The winners will be determined by a P&G Panel, combined with votes from the public.  My video {heaven help me!} is live on where you can view it {or not…!} and vote, now through December 6.  I don’t know yet if you can vote more than once, but you’ll figure it out.  I’m begging you to pretty pretty please do three things for me.

1. Head over to Lucky’s website and vote for me!

2. Tell all your friends who have internet access and your kids and maybe even your dog if he can push a keyboard button to vote for me!  I’d love for you to share on FB, Twitter, or anywhere else!

3. Look in the mirror today and say, “Hello, beautiful!”  Because you are,  Inside and out.  Honestly.


Hugs & Glitter,





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