Valentine Hand Lettering Font

Friends, before you know it, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day! I thought it would be fun to introduce a festive new writing style you can use in your hand lettered projects this time of year…presenting my Valentine Font!valentinefontslider

To create these letters, all you do is simply print the letter you want, add serifs {short horizontal lines on the tops and bottoms of vertical lines}, and add a tiny heart inside circular areas.


I left the lowercase “g” plain, but you could certainly add a heart there too. Finally, I substituted hearts for the dots over “i” and “j.” Here are the lowercase and uppercase alphabets written out for your reference. As always, feel free to print them out for your own personal reference as you practice.


valentinefont valentinefontupper

And of course, you can make any variations on the letters that you like. Take the serifs away, change the way certain letters are formed…whatever works best with your style! Once you get the hang of it, it’s time to combine the letters to make whatever phrases you want, like this one:


Don’t forget to combine it with other lettering styles you already know too! Head here for all of my other hand lettering tutorials!


What do you think? I’d love to see your progress! Share your latest hand lettering projects and sketches with us in the One Artsy Mama Facebook Group. See you there…

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