Personalized Valentine Treat with MY M&M’S


Looking for a personal, sweet treat for your Valentine? Here’s an idea that has an element of DIY as well as delicious surprise inside! Check it out…

You’ll need:
Card stock, any color you like
Printable pillow box template
Glue dots
Black marker {mine is the Tombow Dual Brush Pen}
Sweet treats, like MY M&M’S

Step 1: Print your template and cut your card stock along the solid lines.
You can either print directly on the card stock, or print a pattern to re-use.


Step 2: Fold the card stock on the dotted lines.
Do not assemble the box yet, you want to do your hand lettering while it’s still flat.


Step 3: Write the words “be mine” in cursive on a diagonal across what will be the front of the box. Print the word “Valentine” below.
For reference, feel free to see my Brush Lettering Alphabet resource.


Step 2: Go back and add a second line on each down stroke.
If you’re new to hand lettering, check out my Basic Hand Lettering tutorial for more info about down strokes and how to find them.


Step 3: Color in your thickened lines. I also turned the dot over my “i” into a small heart.


Step 4: Assemble your box and seal it with glue dots or other adhesive, leaving one side open for filling.


Step 5: Fill the box with a tasty treat!
My M&M’S combines delicious chocolate with your own personalization to make any celebration sweeter! Visit the website and create your own by choosing from a variety of 25 available colors. Then, add a personal touch with your photos, messages and images from a clip art library printed right on the candy!


I selected red and white, along with two images from the clip art library; a pair of hearts and the phrase, “I love you!” Then, I typed in two of my own messages, “Dan & Amy,” and “A Latta Love.” How fun is that? These are great not just for Valentine’s Day, but for any special occasion like weddings, graduations, baby showers, and lots more.


Once your treats are safely inside the box, go ahead and seal the end with your choice of adhesive. Then, it’s ready to gift to your Valentine!


For more great holiday gift inspiration, be sure to check out the MY M&M’S Valentine’s Day Idea Gallery!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Really cute idea, I like your creativity & the simple, clean lines. 🙂 (and my mom got the personalized m&ms for my brother once – ‘cuz nowhere else would he find his fav. colors together: green & orange!)

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