Fashion Friday: Stitch Fix #5

Well, friends, it’s that time again!  STITCH FIX time!  In case you have no idea what I’m so excited about, Stitch Fix is like a personal style service that sends awesomeness right to your door!  You fill out an extensive profile, schedule your shipment, and boom!  You get a box with five different things inside that your personal stylist thinks you would like based on your profile and your Pinterest boards {if you have some}.  Then, you try them all on in the comfort of your own home and with your own wardrobe and accessories right there.  Keep and pay for what you like, send back what you don’t in the prepaid envelope provided.

Anyway, here’s what came in my box this month:



I love everything about this.  The fabric is soft and stretchy, I’m a sucker for peplum tops, black makes me look thinner than I am, and it has bling.  Boom.  It’s a no brainer.  I like it paired with colorful pants like these teal ones, or it would also work with dark skinny jeans and black ankle boots.  Hubby says I’m not allowed to send it back, so I guess the verdict on this one is…KEEP!



The fabric is soft and comfy and the fit is loose, which I like.  The style is unusual, and I do like things with ruffles.  It’s a neat way to dress up a plain t-shirt, and I like the colors okay.  I guess the problem is, it’s just okay…know what I mean?  If it were at Target and it were $17.99, I’d put it in my cart and call it a day.  But $58…that’s what gets me.  Do I really want to spend almost $60 on this top?  Does it wow me enough?  I mean, let’s be real.  $60 is a nice dinner out with the hubby.  $60 is 12 cases of Starbucks bottled frappes.  $60 is a new set of watercolors plus a few canvases thrown in.  I’m all about investing in high quality basics {like my Madewell dress!}, but I’m not convinced this is one of those.  Verdict…probably sending back.



I love the color, I like the length, I like the belt.  The sleeves bother me because they won’t roll neatly, and the neckline lays funny in my opinion.  Plus, if we’re really going to be honest {darn it, I can’t back out now, can I?} it’s a little tiny bit tight at the bottom.  The top is more than loose enough, but I have large thighs that I’ll swear are all muscle from dancing, and I’m not one of those girls with no rear end.  So, it is just a tad bit snug at the bottom…if there were little slits in the side seams, it would be ok, but without them, it’s not 100% comfortable.  Plus it’s $50.  Again…what could I do with $50… I could get a new Project Life core kit and album.  I could put it with the $60 I saved sending the other shirt back and buy a train ticket to NY.  Erin, who is currently messaging me on Facebook, says I could buy her a nice present.  All those sound like better options than keeping a shirt I’m not totally satisfied with.  Not to mention, hubby isn’t digging the tunic look.  Enough said.  Verdict: sending back.



Where, oh where, do I begin?  The price is right, but that’s the only thing this cardigan has going for it.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like owls as much as the next girl…really, I do.  But this cardi?  Oh, dear.  Sprinkled with little embroidered owls that have tiny beaded eyes…it’s like a fashion nightmare.  And there are brown patches on the elbows…the icing on the ugly-cake.  Initially, Elmo was the only one in our house willing to put it on.  But then Erin wouldn’t leave me alone.  We had this conversation:

E: put it on!!!
A: no WAY
A: ugh, ick. Never.
and it has ugly brown patches on the elbows too
E: cmon
E: for me
A: not in a million years.
E: i bet you could pull it off
A: icky icky
E: cmooooon, dooooo it for your readers
A: nope. not gonna do it.  you can’t make me…
and it went on and on and on and on until she sent me a photo of the baby crying and told me it was all my fault for not trying on the owls.  She’s worse than a child.  So, I caved.

sfowls2 - Copy

The verdict: Sending it back as fast as I can!


My apologies, but you don’t even get to see these.  They’re too tight, they’re about 6″ too long, and they’re, um, fuzzy…  Verdict: Sending back

So, it looks like I’m keeping the peplum top, which I think is a great score, and so does hubby!  So far, I’ve gotten five fixes and seven great pieces that have become integral parts of my wardrobe!  Here’s a recap of the things I’ve kept from my previous Fixes:

Fix #1: Red Dress {top right} and Striped Blazer {bottom left}
Fix #2: Green Skirt {top left} and Polka dot Shirt {bottom center}
Fix #3: Cardigan {top center} and Green Fit and Flare Dress {top center}
Fix #4: Returned everything
Fix #5: Peplum Top {bottom right}

sfkeepscollage - Copy

I really do make good use of all these pieces, especially the blazer and the polka dot shirt.  That shirt went with me to CHA and to NY and I wore it when we went shopping with the Lucky team.  In fact, I got to have a conversation with Dina from Lucky all about how Stitch Fix works!  So far, it’s been a huge success for me!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go schedule my next Fix!


siggyPS. Just so you know, if you click on my links to Stitch Fix, those are referral links and will earn me $25 credit if you are a new customer signing up for your first Fix.  So, pretty please, if you’re going to try it out, why not click from here?  Help me fund my habit! 😉  Hugs!

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  1. Love the black.. (I live in anything black, black makes any other color POP!! and the skinny factor never hurts at all) Great choice by me, that is for sure!!! 🙂

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