Introducing…Material of the Month!

Hey, friends! Remember how back in November, Erin and I had a Strategic Blog Planning Meeting {aka: Bestie Weekend} where we came up with some exciting plans for the coming year? We may or may not have also consumed a lot of Dominos pizza, chocolate lava cakes, Starbucks, etc, and spent time in the hot tub… Anyway, one of the things we came up with for 2015 is an idea called Material of the Month. We’re pretty jazzed about it, and we think you will be too.


Here’s how it works. Each month, in addition to sharing our regular posts, we’ll also be focusing on one particular crafting material such as fabric, felt, yarn, clay, beads, and so on. Every Friday, one of us will share a tutorial for a project featuring that material. But that’s not all! We want YOU to join in the fun. We will be creating Facebook albums for each material where we can add photos of things YOU make and submit using the material of the month. Then, when the month is over, we’ll have a friendly little voting contest and award a “People’s Choice” prize.

We will be kicking off the series this coming Friday, the 2nd, with our first material…clay! I’ll be sharing a surprisingly easy tutorial for some awesome looking marbled clay jewelry dishes, so be sure to stop by. Then, come back every Friday for more clay-spiration! In the meantime, you can get started on your own clay projects and send us those pics for our Facebook album. Can’t wait to see what you create!

Here are some of our favorite clay projects to give you some inspiration!


Marbled Clay Pendants
Dangle Earrings
Coffee Bean Necklace
Pavé Rhinestone Pendant
Jewelry Dish
Beaded Cross
Sand Dollar Pendant
Stacked Disc Necklace
Clay Flower Cabochons

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