Stacking Lycra Wrap Bracelets

Guys!  I have literally THE EASIEST jewelry project EVER for you today!  Honestly.  You need absolutely no skills and no tools.  You are going to love it.  Take a look…

Lycra Wrap Bracelets

TIME REQUIRED: 2 minutes per bracelet
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: super-duper-easy

Lycra Wrap Bracelets

{mine were provided by sponsors}
Lycra Cord, your choice of color
Word Beads
– Scissors

Literally, that’s it!

Step 1: Pull on your piece of lycra from both ends and it will roll into a tube.

Step 2: Thread your bead onto the lycra.

Lycra Wrap Bracelets

Step 3: Measure a long enough strip to wrap around your wrist twice.  Cut and tie in a knot.

Seriously, that’s it.  Nothing fancy.  Just put on a bead, cut, and tie.  You’re done!

Lycra Wrap Bracelets

You can wear one alone or create several lycra wrap bracelets and stack them together.

Lycra Wrap Bracelets

Oh, and did I mention how inexpensive these are?  You can make all three for less than $5.

Lycra Wrap Bracelets

What color and word combinations would you choose?


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