Fashion Friday: My New Hat

Hey, friends!  It’s Fashion Friday!  Today, instead of showing you an outfit, I couldn’t wait for you to see my new hat…and after all the wintry weather around here in the last month or so, I figure a nice warm hat is definitely a must-have.

Crochet Hat

It all started when I got a goody package from Lion Brand Yarn the other day, filled with some fun new yarns to play with and some pattern books. {Don’t worry, even though I got free product, all opinions are honestly my own!}   I was looking through their design catalog and saw a two page spread showing some of the free hat patterns you can access on their website.  I really liked several of them and decided I should just choose one and go for it!  The one I picked is called the Metropolitan Ave. hat, and I am loving it.

All I needed was one skein of Unique Yarn {this particular one is called Grapevine}, a size N crochet hook, a blunt yarn needle, scissors, and a tape measure.

Lion Yarn

I followed the free pattern on the site, which was actually easier than I thought it might be.  I even learned a new stitch, which was fun!  Here’s how it turned out!  Don’t you love all the colors?

crochet hatI was a little nervous that it would be too big or too small…it’s been a LONG time since I’ve followed a pattern other than one I made up, so I wasn’t sure if my gauge would be right.  But, fortunately, it turned out just right!  Hats are pretty forgiving too, which is nice…it’s got some stretch but not too much.


It’s a great match for my coat too, which is the same color as the shirt I’m wearing.  {I’ve taken enough pics in the snow lately; I decided to stay warm and toasty for this photo sesson!}

hat8Well, whaddya think?!  I’m a fan.  You can make yourself one too, just hop over and check out the pattern, or a different one!  There are tons to choose from…some are crochet and some are for you knitters out there, and they’re FREE!   Yippeeeee!  I love me some good free stuff.



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