The SHINE Project: Pass it Forward

Each Friday, we take time to Shine, to celebrate the great things you all have been creating and doing.  Today, I’m excited to tell you about another {new and exciting} way to let your light SHINE in your community and make a difference.


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We all want to change the world at least a little bit, don’t we?
We all want to make it a better place.
Ashley, the heart behind The Shine Project, has come up with a way to see just how the little things we do can make a big impact…in our neighborhoods, our cities, and across the country.
Here’s how it works.  You get a card like this one, labeled with its very own ID number.  You do something to serve another person, and when you do, pass the card along to them.
Pretty awesome, don’t you think?
As you can see, if each person really does pass it on and log it on the website, you can track where each card has been and how many people have been involved in showing kindness and, well, shining!  There are so many things you can do when you pass your card along.  You could pay for another person’s meal in the drive-thru or buy coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks.  You could help someone carry their groceries, make a new parent a meal, or volunteer to babysit so your friends can have a date night.  You can serve someone you know well or a complete stranger.  And then it’s up to them to turn around and do the same.
To get your own card and find out more, visit The Shine Project.
I bet you can guess which of those ways I mentioned I’ll be using my card…
Shine on!

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