Five Minute Handmade Card

Hey, friends!  Most of you know that this Artsy Mama is just one sleep away from attending my first CHA {Craft and Hobby Association} MegaShow!!  Margot from ImpressArt described it to me as, “like Willy Wonka’s factory except with glitter instead of candy,” so you can imagine my excitement!  I’ve spent most of the day packing, but this afternoon I realized that in my scramble to get things done, I’d forgotten to write a thank-you to my mentor, Sarah, who is pretty much solely responsible for making this trip a reality.

Here’s the thing.  You can’t give someone who is sending you to a crafting show, and who happens to be an ah-MA-zingly talented designer, a storebought card.  Nope, can’t do it.  And so, I had to figure out a way to make one in about five minutes or less that still looked something like a piece of art.  Here’s what I did.

Five Minute {Super Easy!!} Handmade Card

washi tape card

You probably have noticed that while you find a huge variety of project types here at One Artsy Mama, you very rarely see any kind of paper crafting.  That’s not because I don’t enjoy it or never tried it…in fact, before Little Crafter was born, I was an avid scrapbooker and even a demonstrator for a popular home party stamping company.  For several years, I had a group of ladies who came to my home on a monthly basis and I would prepare card workshops for them where they’d pay for the supplies and I’d fix up little kits for them to make and take all kinds of greeting cards.  Now?  Not so much.  Although I think all of that is fun, it also makes a big mess when I spread all my stuff out, and once I had to give up my big craft room to turn it into LC’s nursery, I sort of stopped making the effort.

But!  Never fear!  I had everything I needed on hand to make a quick and fun card, and I bet you do too…

– cardstock {I used Kraft color, but you could use white too…whatever you have}
– paper cutter
– scissors
– washi tape {I picked 3 different designs}
– patterned scrapbook paper
– fine tip marker

washi tape card

Step 1: Cut your cardstock in half with the paper cutter so you have two pieces that measure 4.25×5.5.” Fold one in half for your card and save the other half for later.  Of course you can use scissors too, but a paper cutter is pretty inexpensive and cuts nice straight lines…unlike what mine would be freehand.

Step 2: Apply three strips of washi tape.  I used colors that reflect my blog logo and overall look.  I chose to put the one with all the colors in the center so that the tape on either side nicely coordinated.  Also, you’ll notice that my strips are purposely askew.  It’s almost impossible to get the tape on there perfectly straight, so make them crooked on purpose, like a boss.

washi tape card

Step 3: Cut a heart from patterned scrapbook paper and adhere it to the front of the card.  I just free cut mine, but you could use a cutting machine if you wanted or some kind of a pattern.  I was going for quick and easy, and I thought it turned out really nicely shaped.  At this point, if you like the card as is, you can be finished…yay!

washi tape card

Step 4 {optional}: If you’ve got an extra minute and really nice penmanship, grab a fine tip permanent marker and write a little text along the bottom line of tape.  I chose to alternate “thank you” and “thanks,” but you could do something else too…it would be fun to do something like “love, amore, l’amour” for Valentine’s Day!

washi tape cardThat’s all there is to it!  See?  Super easy!  All you need is washi tape {which you can even get at most mass-retailers these days}, paper, and scissors.  Boom.  A handmade card fit for a designer {I hope}!

Hugs & Glitter,


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  6. Thanks for the great idea, I drew inspiration for it for Mum’s Mother’s Day card! Just gotta not ruin the inside, now!

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