TMNT Turtle Training Obstacle Course

One of the things I knew we needed for a party with a bunch of little boys {we only had 1 girl in the mix!} was lots of activities!  I wanted to make sure we had enough to do so that the kids were entertained and engaged the whole time.  Part of that, we accomplished by making crafts like our Pizza Magnets and Turtle Puppets.  But I also knew they’d need to run and jump and slide and just be active.  So, we created the TMNT Ninja Turtle Training Obstacle Course!


{Thanks to Erin for making the cool sign, which we printed and hung on the wall!}

party6 - Copy

At the start of the course, each child was given a “pizza” {a picture printed on card stock} to deliver.  Then, they had to walk the balance beam, which was just a long 2×4, go down the slide, jump over four sewer lids {which were circles I cut from black Oly*Fun}, go through a tunnel, give their enemy {the pillow} a punch, and finally ring the doorbell to deliver the pizza.

party7 - Copy

Here’s Little Crafter to show you how it all worked.  He was very excited to demonstrate!

The kids who participated ranged in age from 3-10 and all of them seemed to have a really good time doing the course.  There are a million variations on this that you can do based on what supplies you have on hand, how much space you have to work with, and the ages of the kids.  I actually had LC help me design this course so that I knew it would be something he thought was a lot of fun.

party8 - Copy

What do you think?  Do you know any “turtles in training” who would enjoy a course like this?


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  1. “But why do we need a doorbell and a pizza?”. “Because it creates a story and gives them a purpose”. “Isn’t the purpose to finish the course”? “Sigh.”

    PS. Remind me to grab the tunnel next time we are together!

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