Knights and Dragons Party


Hi friends! I (Erin) hope you’ve been enjoying all the details of my boys’ Knights and Dragons party these past few weeks! If you missed a post, or wanted to see everything in one place, this post will give you the full party round up, complete with links and pictures.


These invitations were the perfect way to set the tone of our Knights and Dragons party!

Rotate1Food and Decorations

Guests were treated to a banquet fit for the bravest of knights with a special table decorated just for them, a fun dragon cake, and lots of yummy food!



Knighting Ceremony: The boys transformed into noble knights of the realm with our knighting ceremony complete with swords in the stone!

Knighting Ceremony

Dragon Mountain: Knights scaled Dragon Mountain to retrieve a golden dragon’s egg.


Catapult: My husband built the boys a catapult so they could practice storming the castle walls! (I don’t know how he did it…he went into the garage with a plastic scoop, some dowels, some zip ties, and a exercise stretchy band, and came out with this. Yeah.)


Jousting Obstacle CourseKnights picked out a trusty steed, jumped the moat, slayed a few dragons, and returned with the prize!


Party Favors: I didn’t go the traditional route of goody bags and all that. Instead, I had lots of fun things for the knights to take home scattered throughout their training!






Shield Front

Baby Dragons

Dragon In Egg



And then don’t forget to bring in the clean-up crew!


There you have it! All the the fun details of our epic Knights and Dragons party! This party was perfect for our small group of boys aged 4-7, and I’m so glad I kept the amount of kids down because I was able to really focus on some fun details for the kids.

An “Honestly” Moment: I seriously don’t have to do all these things for the kids, but honestly, I just really love it, and it gives me a great (and much needed!) creative outlet. I find I tend to think more about the activities of a kids birthday party the older they get, instead of gorgeous tablescapes and multitudes of decorations because I realized the kids don’t care as much as what the party looks like but remember the fun they had! Seriously, I have to tell myself that. A lot. Erin, it’s ok if water bottles don’t get cute knight labels. The kids just want to have fun. I had texts from some parents who said their kid went home and created their own obstacle courses after playing ours, which I love! So honestly? I know there’s tons of pin-perfect parties out there that look gorgeous and fit for print (seriously, I drool over them and the remarkable details), but I think the most important thing you can do for your kids and their parties is to just make sure they have fun and make awesome memories! My boys didn’t thank me for the detailed tunics or the wooden catapult their father built, instead they thanked me for “an awesome time with their friends, and for loving them”. And I think that’s what it’s all about friends.

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