Knights and Dragons Party: Food and Decorations


I (Erin) had so much fun planning this party, and I hope you’re enjoying seeing all the little details of our Knights and Dragons party! What’s a party without fun food? I’d love to share with you some of the goodies we had, as well as how I set the mood with an adorable table fit for the finest of little knights.

The colors of the party were royal blues, golds, and reds, and I wanted to carry that through with our food table. It’s so easy to create a fun look with just some plastic bowls and platters with coordinating doilies. I also made little food signs that looked like scrolls, and added the boys’ wooden castle and some toy knights to complete the look.


The party was during dinner time, so we wanted to make sure to have food that both kids and adults would be fine with. Here’s our menu!

Sliders of Strength-I got the idea HERE, but didn’t get too fancy-just some ground beef with seasoning, cheese, and Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

Swords in the Stones-I cut up cubes of fruit, and used those cute little sword toothpicks.

The Royal Pasta Salad

Dragon Claws-(Bugles)

Dragon Fire Punch-Good ole’ gingerale with orange sherbet!


However, the star of the food table was Norbert the Dragon! I have a wonderfully talented friend who loves to bake, and she offered to make the boys this awesome dragon cake. When I saw him, I immediately christened him “Norbert” because, well, look at his adorable blue eye brows, they just scream, “hi, I’m Norbert, your friendly birthday dragon.”  And in case you were wondering, his wings were made from fruit rollups. Genius.


I decided to make cake ball boulders to surround him with because cake balls rock my world. The gray coloring was a mixture of black and white melting candies, and the wonderful thing about them, is that since they were “boulders” , they didn’t have to look perfect!


The best part of Norbert? My friend put candles in his mouth to make it look like flames coming out. Needless to say my boys were just a little excited over this ;). The hardest part about this whole cake thing was having to cut in to poor Norbert, but we had some hungry knights!


I had several activity areas set up, but for the main eating area, I wanted to give it a jousting/feasting feel. We put up an outdoor canopy, and I hung pennant banners around the edges. Festive balloon bunches were tied around the porch.


The knight’s table was made up of three kiddie tables we have. I used a blue plastic tablecloth to cover the whole thing to make it look like one big long table, and then cut a plastic red table cloth into fourths to make a runner. I used plastic plates instead of paper because it looked more royal, and the cute cups added a little bit of flair.


After a long evening of knight training, it was the perfect place to sit down, relax, and enjoy a knightly banquet!



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