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Jewelry is not only a great way to accessorize, it can also be very meaningful and personal at the same time. This project is a quick and easy way to create an incredibly unique piece for yourself or someone you love. You don’t need any special skills or tools to do this, and it only takes about five minutes plus drying time. Here’s how to take something that’s special to you or your loved one and turn it into wearable art.


– Blank bezel pendant, any shape or size you like
– Scissors: mine are Fiskars Amplified Mixed Media Shears
– Scrapbook paper, map, sheet music, or book page
– Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
– Scrap paper or cardboard
– Pencil
– Necklace chain


Before you start, the most important thing to do is choose what you’re going to place in your pendant. Basically, you can use anything that’s able to be placed on cardstock, paper, fabric, or photo paper. Here’s a list of ideas to get you thinking: a dictionary definition, a map, a book page, a handwritten note, a photo, a piece of artwork, scrapbook paper, or sheet music. For this particular project, I used a dictionary definition found on a piece of American Crafts Modern Neutrals scrapbook paper. I have a good friend who absolutely loves to garden, so I thought that the definition of “plant” would be meaningful to her.

Step 1: Trace your pendant and cut a piece of scrap paper that fits nicely inside.

Step 2: Lightly trace around your scrap paper pattern onto whatever you want inside the pendant, then cut it out.


Step 3: Squeeze a tiny bit of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic onto the sunken part of the pendant and spread it around to create a very thin layer. I typically use my finger, but you can also use a small paintbrush if you prefer.


Step 4: Carefully press your paper into the pendant blank. Rub gently to make sure it adheres flat.


Step 5: Apply a very thin coat of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top of your paper. This should be just enough to cover it completely. Do not try to fill the pendant all the way to the top of the raised sides or your end result will not look clear and sharp.  Allow your project to dry for at least three hours.


Step 6: Thread your pendant onto a chain and it’s ready to wear! You can buy a pre-made chain that already has a clasp, or you can purchase the chain in bulk, cut it to the length you like, and add a jump ring and clasp yourself.


Next Steps: Try creating a mixed media effect by using more than one layer of paper. For example, you could cut out a background and glue it down, then cut out shapes or words to go on top like I did on this “Love” Heart Pendant.


You can also add beads, like birthstones, alphabet letters, or any other charms you like to make it even more personal.

My absolute favorite thing about this project is how personal and unique each piece can be. You can find bezel blanks in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and you can also get them as rings, earrings, and keychains. One year for his birthday, I made my dad a keychain using a map of his favorite vacation spot, Myrtle Beach. Another time, I made a ring using sheet music for a friend who is a piano teacher, and made myself a ring using a printed photo of a piece of art my son painted on canvas when he was two years old.  Each piece is indeed a treasure; what would yours contain?


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