Under the Sea Cupcakes

This summer, if you and your family enjoy treats that are as fun to look at and create as they are to eat, try these adorable Under the Sea Cupcakes! My 12 year old Little Crafter shared this easy project on Good Day PA this week; check out the video below and/or scroll down for the full instructions on how to make all 3 of these delicious sea creatures.

You’ll need:

cupcakes, any flavor

blue frosting (ours was Funfetti and already colored blue, but you can also get any white frosting and use food coloring to create the shade you want)

large gumdrops

small gumdrops/spice drops

gummy worms

cherry fruit slices

peach rings

candy eyes

kitchen knife

The Octopus

To make an octopus, place any color of large gumdrop in the center of your frosted cupcake. This will be the head/body. Use frosting to attach two candy eyes. Finally, place eight gummy worms all around the cupcake to form the tentacles.

The Crab

First, place a cherry fruit slice on the bottom half of the cupcake. Add two spice drops above it, with a candy eye attached to each one. Finally, slice the tops off of two more spice drops and use a knife to cut a slit in each one. Carefully spread the slit open to form a claw shape. Position claws on each side of the crab’s body.

The Sea Turtle

Place a peach ring near the center of the cupcake. Slice the top off of a small spice drop (we used yellow) and stick it inside. This will form the turtle’s shell. Next, add a large green gumdrop head with two candy eyes. Finally, slice two green spice drops in half vertically. These four pieces will be the turtle’s legs.

Kids of all ages will love helping to create these AND helping to eat them too! If you want to try creating other aquatic animals with your leftover candy, go for it! You can even top some of the cupcakes with gummy sharks, or a quarter of an Oreo cookie to resemble a shark fin.

If you try these treats, Little Crafter would love to know! Just take a photo and upload it in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group; I’ll be sure to share it with him. We hope you enjoy these Under the Sea Cupcakes as much as we do. Happy creating (and eating)!

Under the Sea Cupcakes


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