5 Tips for Winter Decor After the Holidays

Image contains assorted winter decor in neutral colors.

Winter is here to stay, but the holidays are over. This time after Christmas and New Year’s can be tricky when it comes to home décor. It’s definitely time to take down the holiday decorations, but we also still want some seasonal touches to keep things from feeling too bare and empty. Here are five tips for making the transition seamlessly and giving your home a cozy winter feel.

Image contains a two-tiered tray decorated for winter with neutral colors and greenery.

Tip #1 – Use Seasonal Greenery

Yes, you’ll want to put away the tree and the holly with its bright red berries, but keep out seasonal greens like pine, other evergreens, and mistletoe. These stems and branches add color and freshness to your home while providing a more wintery feel than plants like succulents, etc. It’s also a great idea to incorporate some other natural elements like pinecones and twigs (especially things like birch). This greenery can go anywhere; in vases, pitchers, and all kinds of containers as well as laying flat on trays, shelves, and mantels.

Image contains mistletoe in a square white vase, a round gold decorative ball, and a white candle.

Tip #2 – Neutrals + Metallics

In keeping with the natural colors of winter itself, using a lot of white and wood will add a seasonal feel to your home. The twist is that to keep things from feeling too drab, we are also going to incorporate metallics, particularly gold. Don’t pack away your gold photo frames, candles, and bottle brush trees just yet! If you are really longing for a pop of color in with the neutrals, try adding some different shades of blue, a common color associated with these colder months.

Image contains a decorative two-tiered tray styled for winter with white, green, and gold accents.

Tip #3 – Keep the Sparkle

To keep things from feeling too dull after the holiday decorations are packed away, keep a little sparkle around your home. The metallics will, of course, add to this, as will candles, but don’t be afraid of a bit of glitter. This will add a feeling of brightness while the daylight hours are still short. For my front door sign, I used a wooden monogram and painted it white and gold, then added Glitterific paint to make it really sparkle and shine. Seasonal greenery that’s coated with glitter and ice effects is a great say to add some sparkle too.

Image contains a large wooden monogram painted white and gold.

Tip #4 – Cozy and Natural textures 

We all want to feel cozy and warm during the chilly months, so pile on the comfort with home-y textures. Fleeces, flannels, knits, and anything soft or fuzzy has a place in the home right now. There’s no such thing as too many blankets or soft pillows and rugs, and you can even bring in soft accents to your other décor, as we’ll see with the pom-pom garland in the next tip. Anything soft adds a feeling of warmth, and we are all about that for winter!

Image contains a hexagonal gold container with mistletoe and large snowballs.

Tip #5 – Let it Snow

We live in a place where snow plays a big role in the winter. If you do too, celebrate it and bring it into your home! If you live where the snow doesn’t fall, there’s no reason you can’t still transform the inside of your house into a winter wonderland. Literally anything with a snowflake, snowman, or snowballs makes a great addition to winter home décor. Phrases like “let it snow,” “stay cozy,” etc. are perfect choices too. My snowball garland is a perfect example. You can also use larger snowballs too, as I did in the gold container above.

Image contains a wooden tray styled for winter with a candle, greenery, and other decorative accents.

I hope these five tips help you to figure out some ways to incorporate a seasonal touch to your home decor as you pack away your holiday decorations. I’d love to see what you do in your own home and hear your favorite tips for transitioning from holiday to winter. Be sure you’re a part of the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so you can share your photos with us, see what others are doing, and we can all be inspired. Happy decorating!

Image contains a two-tiered decorative tray styled with greenery and white and gold accents for winter.

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