Terracotta Snowmen

Can I just say that one of my new favorite crafting supplies is a small terracotta pot?
This fall, we used them to make jack-o-lanterns.
A few weeks ago, we stacked and decorated them to make festive Christmas trees

Then, we got together with our crafting friends the M family to make these adorable snowmen!

My mom bought something similar at a craft fair and it was filled with candy, which is what we’ve used ours for too…you should see how many lollipops Little Crafter can stuff into one of these babies!
small terra cotta pot
white and black acrylic paint & paintbrushes
googly eyes {ours were self-adhesive}
orange felt
colored fleece
scissors and craft or hot glue
STEP 1: Paint pots white and let dry completely.
STEP 2: Cut fleece to fit around upper rim of pot and glue in place.
STEP 3: Cut nose out of felt and adhere eyes and nose.
STEP 4: Use the bottom of a paint brush dipped in paint to create a smile.
They’re simple, cute, and cheap!  You can get these pots for less than $1 each, and we had everything else on hand already.
Thanks for crafting with us, M family, and thanks to mom for the inspiration!
Happy Crafting!

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