Little Star Earrings: Wire Wrapping Tutorial

I’ve been making a lot of jewelry lately, but I realized that it’s been a while since I posted a jewelry-related tutorial for you all!  So, here’s one of my most recent projects, “Little Star” earrings.  You can make your own just like these, or you can substitute whatever beads you want and use it as a basic tutorial for any wire wrapping jewelry project you have in mind.
To make your own, here’s what to do!
STEP 1: Gather your supplies 
If you want to replicate these exactly, my tiny star beads are from Consumer Crafts, and my little turquoise czech glass beads are from ArteBella Surplus on Etsy.

STEP 2: Thread wire through holes at the top of your bead and bend the end upward.

STEP 3: Thread your small bead on, covering both pieces of wire.

STEP 4: Use needlenose pliers to bend wire at a 90 degree angle above your top bead.

STEP 5: Grab wire with needlenose pliers and use your hand to wrap the wire around one side to form a loop.

STEP 6: Leave the loop on your pliers and grip it firmly with them while using your other hand to wrap the excess wire around until it touches the top of the bead. 
STEP 7: Trim excess wire.  Open ear wire, attach to earring, and close.
If you’re not familiar with making jewelry, here’s a quick tip.  Whenever you open the loop of an ear wire or a jump ring, instead of pulling it apart, twist it to the side, as shown here.  Then, twist it back into place.  It’s much easier to get back together correctly that way and doesn’t cause the loop to be misshapen or have a gap.
STEP 8: Enjoy!  Now they’re ready to wear, or to give away!
I also made these in purple first.  These tiny purple beads came from Consumer Crafts like the stars did, and they go perfectly with my jersey on game day!  {Go Ravens!}

I initially made them because I had ordered the beads to make a replica of a gorgeous, fabulous, beautiful bracelet created by the talented Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects.  I bought myself most of the same supplies she had and made this…which, of course, demanded some earrings to match it!

If you want to see how to make this bracelet {you know you do!} and to see Adrianne’s original, hop on over and check out her clear step-by-step tutorial…I followed it and I’m so pleased with how mine turned out.

Anyway, hope you like the earrings and that the wire wrapping tutorial is helpful to you if you’ve never tried it before! 

Happy Crafting!

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