Textured Dangle Earrings

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Texture Stamped Dangle Earrings with ImpressArt

Hey, friends! Today I want to share with you a really simple jewelry project that will match any outfit you can imagine. I love having a go-to pair of metal dangle earrings, and when I couldn’t find a pair I liked, I decided to make my own. Here’s how I did it quickly and easily, with just a few supplies.

You’ll Need:
ImpressArt Texture Stamper
ImpressArt Sprinkle Design Stamp
Steel Stamping Block
2 ImpressArt Soft Strike Pewter Stamping Blanks, 1/4″ x 1/2″ Tag 
Ear Wires

ImpressArt Stamped Earrings

Step 1: Place your Sprinkle Design Stamp {or whatever stamp you choose} in the Texture Stamper and tighten to hold it in place. 

Step 2: Place your blank on the stamping block and tap the texture stamper all over the surface.


I absolutely love this new tool! It’s so quick and easy to use; instead of having to re-position your stamp a million times and tap it with your regular hammer, you just basically turn any stamp you like into a texture hammer. It makes a consistent impression and takes practically no time at all.


Here’s how my blanks looked after using the Texture Stamper. If you want to emphasize your design, you can use ImpressArt Stamp Enamel to make the stamped areas black, but I liked them as is.

Texture Stamped Earrings

Step 3: Add ear wires.

You can use any kind you like; I personally like kidney ear wires because I know they’re not going to fall out since they hook in the back {I’ve lost quite a few earrings over the years!} but you can totally use french ear wires too, or any other style you prefer.


The other benefit of kidney ear wires is that they require absolutely no tools; just open them up and slide the blank on. If you are using french wires, just use a pair of pliers to gently twist the loop open, slide your blank on, then twist it closed again.

Dangle Earrings

That’s all there is to it! Just three simple steps and you can create your own unique pair of earrings in ten minutes or less! In fact, I think it took me less than five.  I’m loving them and I particularly like the fact that they’ll match any outfit. What do you think, friend? Are these an accessory you’d enjoy making and wearing?

Textured Dangle Earrings


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