Grown-up Friendship Bracelet

Many of you have heard stories this year about the amazing group of friends I made when Little Crafter started school.  A few of us moms began getting together for {what else} coffee, and before we knew it, we had become a powerful support system.  Now, if one of us needs something, another one steps up to help out.  If we need to vent, we know where to go.  If we need support and encouragement, we can find it.  My friend Vanessa jokingly dubbed our group “No Mom Left Behind,” and the name stuck.  Next year, Vanessa has chosen to home school her son, so she was afraid we might move on without her {which would never happen}!  So, I made her a special gift to remind her that once an “NMLB,” always an “NMLB.”


TIME REQUIRED: 10-15 minutes
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: easy/beginner
SPECIAL TOOLS/SKILLS: none, but memory wire cutters would sure be helpful!


Thanks to Goody Beads for providing many of the materials for this project.
memory wire
memory wire cutters
– alphabet beads
– assorted other beads
– “Made with Love” charm
– jump ring
crimp beads
3 mm silver memory wire end caps
– jewelry glue or super glue
needle nose pliers

STEP 1: Cut a piece of memory wire long enough to circle the wrist and overlap a bit.

STEP 2: String your beads onto the wire.  I started with my letter beads and the ones in between them so that I could keep them centered.  You can create any pattern you like.


STEP 3: Place a crimp bead at the end of each side of your string of beads and tighten it so that the beads can’t move around on the wire.

STEP 4: Attach a small jump ring to the “Made with Love” charm and thread it onto the bracelet.


STEP 5: Use jewelry glue to secure a silver end cap on each end of the memory wire.


Now your bracelet is ready to wear…or to give to your friend!  Vanessa loved hers {as well as the silly card we made her to go with it} and now the other girls want NMLB bracelets too.


Using memory wire and beads is a great way to create a meaningful friendship bracelet that’s fashionable and totally appropriate for your grown-up besties. Do you have some special friends who would love a gift like this?


Want more ideas?  Some of #myfavoritebloggers and I teamed up today to bring you seven ideas for Friendship Gifts!  Plus, a $35 Amazon gift card giveaway!

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Now, about that giveaway…

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  1. It’s true, I adore this bracelet! Such a great idea, pretty, and sentimental. Just like our NMLB group! 🙂 Thank you, again, Amy. I love it & I love all of you ladies. 🙂

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