Easy Scavenger Hunt Box for Kids

Thanks to my friends at Elmer’s for sponsoring today’s post.  All opinions are honestly my own.

Friends, I don’t know what your plans are for the summer, but our family has a lot of trips coming up!  Over the next few months, we’re headed to upstate New York for my brother-in-law’s wedding and then to Myrtle Beach for our annual vacation, plus, we’ve planned a variety of day trips: hiking in Catoctin, visiting downtown Alexandria again and more!  Traveling can be a ton of fun, especially if you plan ahead and prepare activities to keep the kiddos entertained…like this one!

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

I created this project because for some reason, Little Crafter is always up for a scavenger hunt.  It’s the one activity totally guaranteed to keep him entertained for a good while, and I’m guessing he’s not the only one!  It’s super easy to put together and costs less than $3.  If you already have a plastic pencil box, it’s free!

– plastic pencil box
– cardstock
– printable scavenger hunt cards
– scissors or paper cutter
Elmer’s Early Learners Glue Pen or other Elmer’s glue

Obviously, the kinds of things you’ll be able to locate are going to be different depending on what kind of trip you’re taking, so I came up with four different printable grids.  The color and shape ones should be useful anywhere, as is the blank one since you can fill in anything you want!   The leaf grid would be fun to take on a hike or camping trip to help your child notice all the different types of plants, bushes, and trees around them.

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

To download the grids, just click on the title of the one{s} you want.  You’ll be taken to the Google Drive file that you can save to your computer and print out on cardstock.  They’re sized to fit a standard plastic pencil box, but you can adjust them to be whatever size you need for the container you have.

Blank Squares
Colored Squares

Once you print out your grid{s}, just cut them out along the solid black lines and place the ones you want in the bottom of your box.

Here’s how it looks put together.   At the beach, it’s fun to notice and find various kinds of shells as well as some of the other things you really only see near the ocean, so I filled out one of the blank grids for Little Crafter to use there.

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

Of course, kids can find more than one of each object if they want to.  There are no rules for this game, other than to have a great time finding everything!

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

You don’t have to go to the beach to find fun objects either!  It’s easy and fun to play this game right in your own backyard…literally!   Or, on a rainy day, why not play indoors?  You might be surprised at how many things there are to find.

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

The grids can be reused if you like, or you can print new ones each time and let your little crafters have the fun of making a permanent souvenir!  All it takes is a little glue and their treasured finds can be preserved to show their classmates and friends.

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

Little Crafter had a blast using his Elmer’s Early Learners Glue Pen {he likes it extra because it’s purple} to attach some of the things he discovered when he decided to do a scavenger hunt in my craft room.  P.S. Ignore the fort in the background…we play hard over the summer.

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

He found objects in each of the specified shapes {or made something, in the case of the triangle pipe cleaner!}, then carefully glued them in place so he could show Daddy!

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

 Wherever your travels take you this summer, whether it’s across the country or just in your own neighborhood, this is a really simple, fun, and inexpensive way to entertain the little people in your life.

Kids' Scavenger Hunt Box

What do you think?  Is there someone you know who would enjoy going on a good scavenger hunt?


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