Simple French Twist Video Tutorial from France Luxe

Hi again One Artsy Mama readers! Jen from here.

It’s a pleasure to be back to share another hair tutorial. As you may know, Amy is currently preparing for her role in The Sound of Music, in which I know she will be amazing! Since she’ll be playing both a nun and a party guest, she needed a quick and simple hair style that would stay put under her habit and still look fabulous for the party. We quickly decided on a gorgeous French Twist.

Lucky for you, Amy wanted to share this tutorial with everyone! We put together a quick video showcasing a French Twist and another simple side comb style. So what are you waiting for? Let’s style a comb!

What do you think? Simple, right? Now all you need are the proper tools. To create this French Twist style you’ll need the France Luxe Handmade French Twist Comb.

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Until next time!

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