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So I guess the Boy is growing up. What?!
It’s crazy to think it was over 2 1/2 years ago that he was a brand new baby.
I am trying to give him a bit more responsibility around our house, since (I guess) he’s not a baby anymore. He helps fold the washcloths, picks up his toys, throws dirty laundry in the washer and helps transfer wet clothes into the dryer. He also does me a HUGE favor by not throwing a fit when it’s time to change his diaper (Not even interested in potty-training yet, humph!).  But  I decided he could probably handle some of his bath time by himself as well. The Boy is very much into sea creatures right now, so I knew he would love this little whale bath mitt. This little mitt works up pretty quick, and I love this 100% cotton yarn. It absorbs water and gets a nice lather, and completely dries when hung up.


What you need:

Size F Hook
Creme de la Creme 100% Cotton Yarn (Worsted Weight) in Gray
100% Worsted Weight Black Yarn (for the eyes)
3-5” thin elastic
Tapestry Needle

Toddler Whale Bath Mitt

 This pattern is worked in the round
Start with a magic ring

1. Sc 8 into the ring
2. Sc 2 in each st around
3. (sc 1, sc 2 in the next st) All around the circle
4. (sc 4, sc 2 in next st) all around the circle. Sc in last st.
5. – 15. Sc in each st all around.
16. Sc 4.  Ch 3. Sk 3 sts, sc into 4th st. sc 8. Ch 3, sk 3 sts, sc into 4th st.  sc 5.
17.-25. sc in each st all around (make sure to work sc sts in each ch.)
26. hdc, (ch 1, sk 1 st, hdc into next st. hdc. ) repeat all around the mitten
27.-30 sc 4. Hdc 2. Dc 3. Hdc 2. Sc 5. Hdc 2. Dc 3. Hdc 2. Sc 2.

Sl st. ch 10, sl st into same st (to form a loop for hanging the mitt to dry) Tie off and weave in ends.


Start with a magic ring

1. Sc 4 into ring
2. Sc 1 in each st around
3. Sc 2 in each st around
4. (Sc  1, sc 2  in the next st) all around
5.-6. Sc 1 in each st, all around.
7. Sc2tog. Sc  4. Sc2tog. Sc 4.
8. -10. Sc in each st around

Tie off with a sl st and leave a long tail.

Using your tapestry needle, sew your fins over the thumb holes. Go in and out catching the fin and the whale body. Make sure it’s snug and secure. Repeat for the other fin.

Thread your needle with black yarn. Starting a few stitches in front of the fins, sew 1 short horizontal line, and another right under it to make the eye thicker. Tie off and repeat for the other side.

Take your piece of elastic and fish it through the holes you made around the wrist/arm. My toddler is quite slim, so I only needed a few inches of elastic to have a snug fit. Sew or hot glue the  elastic ends together.

Make sure to hang it up to dry after each use, and feel free to throw it in the washer once a month. Hang it up to dry.


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Until next time 🙂

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