Chalkboard “Love” Sign

Guess what, friends?!  I’m less than a month away from getting a sister!  My brother-in-law is getting married on July 5, and I can’t wait for the celebration.  I’ve been having so much fun creating gifts for them that can double as shower/wedding decór and things they can actually use in their home together, many of which I shared with you in a special Shutterfly Bridal Shower post last month.  Today, I want to show you something else I whipped up for them that can be used on the big day as well as every day after!


Chalkboard "Love" Sign

TIME REQUIRED: 30 minutes
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: easy/beginner


You actually need very few supplies to make this project…here’s a quick list.

Special thanks to Plaid Crafts for providing some of the materials for today’s project.
– unfinished wooden sign
Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Silkscreens: Phrases
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Paint: black and white
– paint brushes/sponge brushes

*Note: If you want to use this as an actual chalkboard, check out the new Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paints and Erasable Liquid Chalk in lieu of the black and white Multi-Surface paints.  I wanted the design on this particular sign to be permanent, so I didn’t go that route, but you certainly can!*

Step 1: Paint your wood with black {or chalkboard} paint and let it dry completely.

Step 2: Cut around the adhesive silkscreen{s} you want to use.  Remove them from their backing.


Step 3: Position the adhesive silkscreens on your painted sign and press lightly to secure them in place.


Step 4: Lightly dab white paint {or erasable chalk} over your silkscreen.  A little bit goes a long way.  If you over-saturate it, it will probably bleed through underneath and you won’t get the crisp, clean image you want.


Step 5: Use a pencil to lightly sketch the couple’s wedding date {or names, or whatever you like} at the top of the sign.  Go over it with white paint on a very fine brush.  Or, you can use a paint pen.

Chalkboard "Love" Sign

All that’s left to do is allow your project to dry completely, then it’s ready to go!  I think it would make a gorgeous addition to the table where Steve and Joanna will place their guest book.


Chalkboard "Love" Sign

You could also place it on the gift table, the head table, or anywhere else you wanted!

Chalkboard "Love" Sign

Then, after the wedding, Steve and Joanna have a fun little piece of decór for their home.  It can hang on the wall or be propped on a shelf, whatever they choose.  What do you think?

Chalkboard "Love" Sign


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