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Family Fun Week: Day 6
After a “breakfast date” at Starbucks and a brief detour to Michaels for flowerpots, we headed to Spring Meadow Farms, a local garden center.  My wonderful mother-in-law gave me four different herb plants when I saw her on Thursday, and I wanted to get them potted today.  We also wanted a few more flowers for the front garden and some mulch.  At first, Noah said he didn’t want to go, and wasn’t even tempted by the promise of a wagon ride.  So, I asked him if he’d pull me instead.  He thought this was hysterical and it was enough to convince him that this would indeed be a fun trip.
He also got to see more animals at their petting zoo {more goats, sheep, and chickens, plus a turkey and horses} and he got to ride a cool little-man-size tractor.

He was happy, I was happy, everyone was happy except Daddy who bumped into a hanging basket and got water all over himself.

After we got home, I put my little helper to work.  His job was, according to him, “Put dirt in da pot.”
Which he did.
He also put it ALL over himself.

Sometimes he’s just too cute for words!
He also helped me to paint garden signs just like the ones in his vegetable garden for my various herbs.
Click HERE for the tutorial on how to make your own.  Oh, and I highly recommend super glue if you give it a try!
Here they are, successfully planted in these cheerful pots I got on sale {$2.99 each!} at Michaels.
I love how bright and cheery they are!  And I’m so looking forward to having fresh herbs to use in the kitchen!  Thanks, Mom L.!  Now, hubby and I are going to tackle the front garden while Little Crafter naps.  Hope you have a great afternoon!
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