Together Rising: All About Erin Day

Do you know a woman who could use an extra dose of encouragement? Lately, I’ve been wanting to do something special for my girl Erin {perhaps I should call her our girl because I know you all enjoy her almost as much as I do}.


Erin works hard every day, and not just because I keep giving her things to do. She’s actually busy enough raising her three little boys {ages 1 1/2, 4, and 5} while in her third trimester with a baby girl. Since her mom passed away a few years ago and her sister is a missionary in Nepal, she doesn’t have a ton of family around to help out, and her in-laws live in Texas. Erin’s hubby has a good job, but it requires long hours, so she’s often on duty from “son up to son down,” as the saying goes.

Needless to say, she’s really been craving some time just to be a grown-up, around other grown-ups, and to do a little something that’s just for her. I’ve seen firsthand that all day, every day, Erin sacrifices of herself to be the best possible mama to her sweet boys. She takes care of them before herself and puts their needs above her own. So, I wanted to somehow treat her to some time to relax and just enjoy something all for herself.


My original plan was to “kidnap” her for lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant and then maybe some crafting time at my house, but then I got a message that changed everything. I was contacted by a mutual friend of Erin’s who also knew that she needed a little extra TLC right now. This friend is part of a nonprofit organization called Together Rising and it’s all about supporting and encouraging women and families. Basically, I got to nominate Erin as someone who could stand to be lifted up, and I got to plan an amazing “All About Erin Day.” I got to choose what we’d do, where we’d go, and how I could give her a day full of some of her favorite things. Then, Together Rising sent me some gift cards to facilitate it. They even included money to pay a babysitter!

Tomorrow is the big day. Erin knows it’s coming, but she has no idea what is coming. It’s a day full of surprises! As the day progresses, I’ll be sharing on social media with the hashtag #AllAboutErinDay. Stay tuned to see where we go and what we do! Do you know a mama who could use some TLC? Head on over and see if Together Rising can help her too!

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