Eye Makeup Tutorial for Gals with Glasses

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How many of y’all wear glasses, at least on an occasional basis? I’m betting quite a few of you do! In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of “real life friends” I have who are over the age of 20 and don’t require any kind of corrective lenses. Which means that most of us at some point or other have to deal with figuring out the right balance for eye makeup when we’re wearing our specs.


Here are the key things I’ve learned {some of which came from Lucky magazine Beauty Editor Maura Lynch}.

1. Glasses magnify, so if you have on heavy makeup, your lenses will make it look even heavier and more dramatic than it is. Less is more.

2. Let your glasses be a statement accessory in and of themselves. If you try to make your eye makeup the focal point, it’ll compete with your glasses and your eyes will look overdone. 

Honestly, these days I wear my glasses more often than my contacts because I spend so much time on the computer and my eyes tend to dry out from being in front of a screen. So, I thought I’d share with you my go-to everyday eye look that’s super easy to do and will look fabulous from behind your lenses…take a look.

Here I am with no eye makeup at all. I do have foundation, lip color, and blush on, but you can see that my eyes lack definition and you can hardly see my lashes.


First, apply light, bright, neutral eye shadow.

If you have eye shadow primer, I recommend applying that first because it will keep your shadow crease-free and give it extra staying-power for long wear.

Lightly brush white eye shadow on your entire eyelid and all the way up to your brow. This brightens up your eyes, makes them look larger, and makes them “pop” without being too dramatic.


Apply a neutral light brown to the just the eyelids, then add a slightly darker brown in the crease and out toward the outside corner of each eye.

Tip: A tiny dab of white shadow in the very inside corners of the eyes also gives the sense of enlarging and brightening them. It’s a sneaky little trick!


Add a thin line of eyeliner to your top lids.

Use eyeliner to carefully trace along the lash line on the upper eyelid.

Tip #1: Do just a little bit at a time, little dashes instead of trying to draw one long straight line.

Tip #2: If you like the cat eye look like I do, feel free to do it when wearing glasses, just in moderation. I call it the “kitten eye.” It’s less dramatic than what I would do if I were wearing contacts, only extending slightly past my lashes in a thin line. 

Tip #3: When you do a “kitten eye”, start with the outside part of the line first to get the shape you want. It’s actually easier to control that way than if you start at the inside corner and leave that part for last.

Tip #4: Don’t line the lower lid when wearing glasses. It makes everything too dark and dramatic and takes the focus off your eyes themselves.


Apply mascara.

Tip #1: As you apply it, move your hand back and forth in a zig zag motion as you go from the base of the lashes out. It will help avoid clumps and give nice, even coverage. 

Tip #2: Test out a few kinds of mascara and go for one that gives you the full, defined look you want without causing your lashes to hit against the lenses of your glasses. I’ve used certain kinds before that ended up giving me black streaks on my lenses every time I blinked…not cool!

Tip #3: While I usually give my top lashes several coats, I just barely brush the bottom lashes with one coat {sometimes none}. Just enough to make them visible without looking spidery.


There you have it, my go-to eye makeup routine when I’m wearing my glasses…which ends up being pretty much every day.

Meanwhile, can I just say how ridiculously difficult it is to get a decent photo of one’s eyes while wearing glasses? Oh, the reflections! They’re everywhere! The things you don’t think about until you’re a blogger…


Just in case you want to try and duplicate this look, I wanted to let you know exactly what products I used. My makeup in these photos is from Victoria Jackson® and mostly comes from their fabulous little “Survival Kit.” 


It fits right in my purse or rehearsal bag and contains a mirror, blush, five shades of lip gloss, ten colors of eye shadow, a lip pencil,  eye liner, and mascara!


The specific eye shadows I used came right out of this little kit. I also used the kit’s lip pencil, eyeliner, mascara, and blush in the pictured look.


I like the products themselves, and even moreso, I like that at Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, they believe it’s all about letting your natural beauty shine through. They believe, as I do, that makeup is used as a tool to enhance the natural beauty you already have, not to cover yourself up or make yourself something you’re not.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these survival kits, or anything else from the line, Victoria Jackson® is offering an exclusive 25% discount off the entire site using promo code LOVEVJCValid until 4/4/15.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful! If you give it a try, I’d love to see photos {although trust me, I know how hard it is to get a good one with your glasses on}!

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  1. That’s true that glasses can magnify your eyes. I don’t want to look overdone, so I guess I can lighten my makeup when I’m wearing my glasses. Lately, I seem to wear them more often than not. I’ll have to try the “kitten eye” look sometime.

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