Star Wars Easter Basket

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Despite the weather many of us have been experiencing, it really truly is almost Spring! Which means that Easter is right around the corner. In the Artsy House that means it’s time for a lot of fun family traditions. First of all, we get together to dye eggs with my mom and dad, but instead of doing it the traditional way, we make a few colorful ones then mix all the dyes together and have a contest to see who can get the “ugliest” egg. We end up with all kinds of awesome shades of grey and brown and army green…it’s pretty darn fabulous and I’ve never met any other family with the same tradition, so that’s something special.


Another favorite family tradition is visiting the “PEEP Show” at our local Arts Center; members of the community create all kinds of masterpieces made out of marshmallow PEEPs and bunnies, then put them on display. You can walk around and see the exhibits, bid on them, and vote for your favorites. LC always enjoys getting an annual picture taken as a PEEP too.


Then, of course, there’s the annual tradition of Easter Baskets. Each year, LC helps me assemble baskets for my mom and dad made with all their favorite things: a pecan egg and malted milk ball eggs for Grandma, black jelly beans and a coconut cream egg for Pop-Pop. Those are easy to shop for…the tricky part is coming up with a basket idea for Little Crafter. I can’t go the traditional route because he {inexplicably} hates chocolate along with most other candy. He does like purple and green jelly beans, but that’s about it.


So, I’m always in search of things to give him that he’ll be excited about and will be able to use and enjoy long after the holiday is past. This year, I found my inspiration in the seasonal section of our local Walmart where they had a big display of themed character baskets, buckets, and basket fillers.


As he’s gotten bigger, Little Crafter has become increasingly interested in Star Wars, which has been a great opportunity for bonding with his daddy. The two of them talk about their favorite characters and scenes and they can’t wait to see the new movie coming out later this year. When I saw this Star Wars themed bucket, I knew it was the perfect choice for this year’s basket. I like using a container other than a traditional basket each year because I can find things he’ll actually use {and that I don’t have to store}. This bucket can hold Legos or other toys, and it can most certainly come with us to the beach in a few months!

Star Wars bucket

Right there with the basket, I found a 2 pack of Star Wars bubble pens, which will hopefully encourage LC to want to write more often {a struggle we’re facing at the moment}, and an activity pack including stickers, a stencil, crayons, and a mini notepad, all Star Wars themed. What will excite him the most, though, is the plastic egg filled with Star Wars temporary tattoos. He totally loves those things and will want to put them all over his arms and legs…trust me!

Star Wars Easter Basket

To fill the remaining space, I picked up some bubbles, a cute pair of shorts and an activity book and crayons. I was thrilled to find the big Star Wars activity book on a display near the checkout for just $1!

Star Wars Easter basket

I’m confident that LC is going to be excited about his special non-candy basket…and I love knowing that instead of a temporary sugar rush, he’s getting gifts that he can actually use and enjoy! If your kiddo isn’t a little Jedi-in-training, there are a ton of other options, including FROZEN, Disney Junior, Disney Princesses, Marvel, and more; something for everyone.

Star Wars Easter Basket

What about you? What are some of your family’s Easter traditions? What are your favorite things to put in your kids’ or grandkids’ Easter baskets?

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  1. Great Easter basket! My son loves all things Star Wars right now – I agree about the gifts vs. sugar rush! I feel like my kids get candy elsewhere for Easter so I like to give small gifts like this!

  2. I still think it’s weird LC doesn’t really have a taste for sugar, but after reading the book, “Grain Brain”, it might explain why he’s so darn smart. I digress, I love the sugar-free Star Wars basket. Every Easter when we dye eggs, my husband makes an “ugly egg” by putting one egg in each color for like 5 minutes each. It’s the ugliest egg EVER. I’m kind of a fan of the pretty eggs, sue me. #client

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