Eggo Waffle Bar

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Eggo Waffle Bar

How many of you love having breakfast for dinner? The Artsy Family sure does! Awhile back, we declared Friday evenings to be official Family Fun Night; time set aside just for the three of us to play and spend time together, and part of that includes having a meal we all enjoy. Sometimes it’s spaghetti, sometimes it’s chili, but it’s also fun to mix things up a bit and have breakfast instead! As many of you know, Little Crafter has some sensory issues related to food, so it can be a real challenge finding things he’s willing to eat…but he does like waffles. He also tends to enjoy meals more when he’s able to have some level of control over fixing things exactly the way he wants them, so setting up an Eggo Waffle Bar where everyone can choose his or her own toppings is the perfect way to go!

Eggo Waffle Bar

It’s really simple to set up your own waffle bar, and it makes dinner {or breakfast, if you prefer!} so much more interesting! It’s a break from the ordinary routine and everyone will enjoy having the opportunity to eat their waffles just the way they like. All you have to do is put out a variety of toppings, many of which you probably have in your cabinets and refrigerator already!

Here’s what we like to include in our waffle bar:
– fresh or frozen fruit {strawberries, blueberries}
– nuts {we like pecans, but any kind will do}
– mini marshmallows
– mini chocolate chips
– butter
– jelly
– maple syrup
– fat free whipped cream

You could also use:
– sprinkles
– chocolate syrup
– powdered sugar
– sliced bananas
– blackberries, raspberries, cherries
– cinnamon chips
– cinnamon and sugar

Really, you can use just about anything you can think of that your family likes to eat. Personally, I like to use a bit of butter and jelly, some fat free whipped cream, lots of fruit, and nuts.

Eggo Waffle Bar

Of course, you can put things out in their original packaging, but I think it’s much prettier and way more fun if you put each topping in its own little bowl and spoon/scoop for easy access.

Eggo Waffle Bar

Once the toppings are prepared, the only thing left to do is toast your favorite kind of Eggo waffles…our family prefers Homestyle as well as Strawberry…then make your own waffle creation!

Eggo Waffle Bar

This is such a treat for our Family Night dinner, but you could also do the same thing to make a weekend breakfast more exciting! Or, use the idea next time your family hosts a sleepover or party. Guests will love choosing their favorite toppings, and there will be something for everyone no matter what their preferences or dietary restrictions might be.



So what are you waiting for? Why not head to your local Walmart and grab your favorite kind of Eggo waffles and have breakfast for dinner tonight?

Eggo Waffle Bar

What kinds of toppings would you place in your waffle bar and on your own tasty creation?

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  1. I love doing breakfast for dinner! And setting out a make-your-own waffle bar sounds like an awesome idea for dinner tonight! My go-to toppings would be chopped pecans and maple syrup. Thanks for sharing! #client

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