Natural Necklace

Remember this necklace I made last weekend?  That was inspired by an Anthro necklace?


I mentioned in that blog post that I wanted to try it a second time using beads in a variety of shapes and sizes to get a totally different effect.  Yesterday, we took a trip to the Potomac Bead Company and I found some stones I fell in love with.  They’ve got a very natural look about them and most of them are actual stones instead of glass beads.  I repeated the same basic procedure and it’s amazing how different the end result is.
Once again, all you need are whatever colored beads you want {I used 14 this time}, 3 mm silver beads and silver tubes, crimp beads, stringing wire, jump rings, chain, a clasp, and basic jewelry making tools.
You string your beads 2″ apart with silver beads in between on the outer string, crimp both ends and attach to jump rings.  String beads 2″ apart on the inner strand, crimp ends, and attach to the same jump rings.  Attach a piece of chain to the jump rings, cut and add clasp.  There’s a fantastic step by step tutorial with photos over at Flamingo Toes if you want more detailed instructions to make your own!
I loved the bright, fun look of the first one I made, but I think I like this one even better!
Which is your favorite?
Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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  1. Look at you rocking that hair AND new necklace. I really like this second necklace a lot. I’m not really colorful I guess lol. Very nice!

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