Happy Fall Wreath

Ready or not, it’s almost time to say good-bye to summer for another year! The kids are back in school, or will be soon, and it’s time to start thinking about all things pumpkin and fall! As many of you know from Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope, I recently gave our new front door a makeover with some paint from Modern Masters, and I decided to create a welcoming fall wreath for it too! Here’s how I did it.

Happy Fall Wreath

– grapevine wreath
– faux berries/flowers and filler
– twine
– burlap pennants
– scissors
– wire cutters
– glue dots
– alphabet stencils
– brown permanent marker


Step 1: Stencil letters onto your burlap pennants to spell out your message.
I wanted my wreath to say, “Happy Fall,” but you could also go with “Give Thanks,” “Harvest Time,” “Fall,” or anything else you like. I just placed each stencil on a pennant and filled in the space using a brown permanent marker. Brown paint would work too, but I liked not having to wait for anything to dry.


A quick note about the pennants…you can certainly create them yourself by buying burlap, cutting it into the shape you want, and adding your own holes {or not}. I decided to save myself time by grabbing these at Michaels; there were 12 in the pack already cut and with grommeted holes, and they had other fun shapes too.


Step 2: String your pennants onto the twine.
I found this red twine that perfectly matched my berry accents, and I thought it added a nice touch of color.


Step 3: Position your pennants and secure with glue dots.
As you can see in the previous photo, left to their own devices, the pennants won’t hang in a way that you can read them. So, just gently turn them and space them out they way you want and use a glue dot on the back of each one to attach it to the string and pennant next to it.


Step 4: Add your berries and other decorations.
I picked up two picks of berries and one of a dried {I’m not really sure what this is…not a flower, not a leaf…plant life?} goldenrod filler at Michaels. I positioned them where I wanted them on the right side of my wreath and stuck the wires and picks down into the wreath. They were so well behaved that I didn’t do any additional wiring or gluing to hold them in place, but you can certainly do so if it makes you feel better to secure them.


That’s it! Your wreath is ready to display! All of the materials together cost me less than $20 when I used my coupon, which I thought was a great deal.


I’m loving the cheerful message and the fall colors, and I especially like how it pops on my new door! {By the way, the paint color I chose is Modern Masters Peaceful if you’re wondering}. What about you? Have you started decorating for fall yet?


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