Spray Painted Earrings

Thanks to Krylon for sponsoring today’s post! All opinions, as always, are honestly my own.


Remember the Nautical Striped Tote Bag I created using Peekaboo Blue Krylon spray paint back in July? Thanks to your votes on Facebook, it was voted Fan Favorite on the Krylon Facebook page! Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and support!


This month, I was invited to participate in a second challenge. This time, I was asked along with two other bloggers to create a project using purple spray paint, and the project theme had to be Fashion. Those of you who know the Artsy Family know that we are huge Baltimore Ravens football fans, so this challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to create some team spirit earrings for myself! The Ravens’ colors are purple, black, and gold, so I decided to do a little color blocking and incorporate all three. Here’s how I did it…and you can too! If you’re not a Ravens fan, you can easily follow these same steps, but use whatever colors you like best.

Color Block Earrings with Krylon Spray Paint

Krylon ColorMaster Gloss Purple and Gloss Black
Krylon Gold Leafing Pen
– wooden earrings
– washi or painter’s tape
– jump rings and ear wires
– needle nose pliers

I recommend doing this project outside and using a drop cloth or other scrap material under your earrings so you don’t turn the grass purple. I like to use old cardboard boxes…this one is actually the one my spray paint arrived in.


Step 1: Tape your earring down, fully covering the part you want to be a different color.
In my case, I wanted the top 2/3 to be purple and the bottom 1/3 to be black, so I taped off the bottom part first.


Step 2: Spray your earrings with the first color.
In my case, this was Krylon ColorMaster Gloss Purple. You’ll want to do several light, even coats and allow the paint to dry in between.


Step 3: Carefully remove the tape and reposition it, this time covering the area you’ve already painted.
In my case, I had to add more tape too because the painted area was larger. Make sure your paint is fully dry to the touch before you do this step.

Step 4: Spray the remaining part of the earrings with your other color.
Again, you’ll want to make sure to do several light coats, letting the paint dry in between. When all the paint has dried, remove the tape.


Step 5: Use the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen to draw a line between your two colors.
Not only does this add visual interest and a third color, it helps to cover up any spots where the paint may have bled underneath the tape.

Step 6: Add jump rings and ear wires.
This is easy peasy to do, just carefully twist the rings open with your pliers and slip them through the holes in the wood. Place the ear wire in the ring too, then gently twist the ring closed.


Spray Painted Color Block Earrings

Now your earrings are ready to wear…and in my case show off your team pride!

While I had my spray paint out, I also created another pair of earrings with a totally different look! I received these antique gold filagree pieces in my June box from Blueberry Cove Beads and hadn’t yet figured out what I wanted to do with them. I decided to give them a makeover by turning them purple!


This pair was even simpler to do than the first pair since I wasn’t doing any color blocking. All I did was place them on a scrap cardboard box and spray them with several light, even coats of the Gloss Purple paint. When they were dry, I added ear wires, and they were ready to wear too.

Filagree Earrings Spray Painted


What do you think? Which pair is your favorite? I love the way both pairs turned out, and the different styles make them appropriate for different occasions.

Spray Painted Earrings


Be sure to keep an eye on the Krylon Facebook page to vote for your favorite purple project in this fashion challenge!

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  1. I love both pairs!! I love the idea of spray painting earrings. I have some that I’m not fond of the color and this would be a perfect way to update them. Awesome idea!! Thanks so much!1

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