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Hey, friends!  Yesterday I showed you an idea for a great holiday outfit, now today we’re talking holiday hair!  When I was at LuckyFABB, I ended up sitting next to a really sweet girl named Jen, who happens to work for a company that sells hair accessories.  She and I started talking about my inability to do much of anything with my own hair {which is why it always looks the same in all my photos!}, and she promised she could show me…and you…a quick and easy holiday updo.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical…I figured it would be awesome, but I wasn’t so sure I could actually manage to do it myself.  Jen assured me that even I could do it, and much to my surprise, I CAN!  Honestly for real!  Look, I’ll prove it!

Princess Tuck: France Luxe

So, I’m excited for her to share it with you today…please give a warm artsy welcome to Jen!

Hi everyone! I’m Jen, the social media gal from France Luxe and also our resident hair stylist. I use the word stylist loosely, because I have no official training, but I can often be found braiding, twisting and styling hair around the office. Maddie (one of our team members at France Luxe) and I had a blast putting together this tutorial for you, so I hope you enjoy!

When Amy and I decided to work on a hair tutorial for you, we knew it needed to be some simple, but completely chic for the holidays. Basically, something that you could do in under 10 minutes, but still look incredible! Ergo: The Princess Tuck. This style is simple enough any of you can create it, I promise! Here’s what you need:

An amazing headwrap like this Derby Headwrap in Black Velvet. You can create this style with any headwrap and France Luxe has quite the collection. See them all here.

Bobby Pins, these are my absolute favorite. They have great hold and are just the right size.

And finally, flexible hold hairspray, my personal fave is Mega Hair Spray Flexible Hold from Aussie.

Begin by placing the headwrap on top of your head, pulling the front down about a ½ inch from your forehead. (Ultimately, place it where it looks the best on you, this is just how I styled it) Your hair can be curly or straight, it’s up to you. My advice? Let it air dry for ease and work with that!


Next, grab a section of hair on one side of your head just above your ear as show above, and begin twisting it back gently.

3 4

Tuck that piece under the headwrap and pull it all the way through. Continue this pattern down the sides of the headwrap, twisting and tucking as you go. As you can see on the right, you’ll keep tucking on each side until all of your hair is hanging down the middle of your back. Feel free to add a few pins to keep the hair in place and hold the headwrap down if it feels like it’s slipping.

5 6
Take all of the remaining hair and wrap it around your hand. Remove your hand, but hold the hair together, then use both hands to tuck all of that hair into the headwrap. You’ll use a motion like you’re tucking in a shirt from the back, securing the hair under. At this point, I find that it’s easier to keep tucking with this same motion again and again until it feels tight. You can’t mess this up, so just keep working the hair in until it feels and looks right. Add pins wherever you need to secure.

Note: if you have shorter hair, you may not be able to wrap the hair around your hand, just loop pieces around your fingers and tuck them in, adding pins as needed.

7 8 9
Here’s the final product from a few angles! Top off your Princess Tuck with a bit of hair spray and you’re all set! See? I told you it was simple! If Amy and I can do it, you can do it! This is an under-ten-minutes hairstyle any of you can create. Perfect for busy holidays when you only have a few minutes, but want to look fabulous!

Well, One Artsy Mama Readers, it’s been my pleasure to show you this amazingly simple but totally chic holiday hairstyle. If you have any questions, let us know!

One last thing: We are offering you (and only you, because we love you!) a discount on this headwrap from now until Sunday night! Just use the code HONESTLYHEADWRAP to receive 25% off this item on

Have a happy hair day!


Note from Amy: Isn’t it pretty?!  I’ve done it several times already, and every time I do, I get compliments…everyone from my pastor’s wife to the barista at Starbucks likes this look and as for me, I’m just impressed I can actually do it!  Here’s a photo of my first attempt!  Not too shabby, eh?


France Luxe is one of the family of three luxury brands within The Finest Accessories. L. Erickson and L. Erickson USA complete the three and round out the large variety of hair accessories offered at From solution accessories like ponytail holders and bobby pins, to stylish accents like headbands and crystal barrettes, we have it all. Shop our luxury hair accessories at


P.S. My other fave from France Luxe is this ponytail cuff that Jen gifted me at LuckyFABB!  So fun and chic!  And again, even I can do it!  Yes!!


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