Monsters Rock…and Monster Rocks

Hey there, friends!  Ready to see Little Crafter {and Mama}’s latest project?  It all started because hubby’s birthday is next Sunday, the 14th.  He told me he wanted a photo book of beach pictures from me, and something handmade from LC.  So, LC and I browsed our Pinterest boards and he chose these super-fun Monster Rocks from Coastal Inspired Creations.  Here’s how ours turned out!

– rocks {some of these came from our yard, others were part of a pack of river rocks from the craft store}
– google eyes in assorted sizes
– paint brushes
– black Sharpie permanent marker
– white paint pen
– craft glue
– acrylic paints

There’s actually a bit of a story here with the acrylic paints we used…back in late July, our friends at sent Little Crafter a package for his birthday.  Since there were still a few weeks until his big day, I told him he had to wait and open it then.  While he was napping, I opened the package to find this fabulous kit containing 24 different colors of acrylic paint {do they know him or what}?!  I stashed it in my closet, thinking I’d wrap it up and let him have it at his Lego party.  Except that when I went to look for it a few weeks later, it was nowhere to be found.
I looked and looked.
And looked.
And looked.
So did hubby.
We tore the closet apart.
No paint.
I felt like a shoo-in for the world’s crappiest mom…I lost the poor kid’s birthday present, and of course, he remembered about it.  I finally gave up looking and told him I’d buy him some.  Fortunately, before I did, they turned up…just last week.  They had fallen behind a storage unit in my closet where I keep my t-shirts.  LC was super-excited to see them, and couldn’t wait to use them for the first time on this project!


First, we painted as much of each rock as we could while leaving a dry side for it to sit on.  Then, we let that part dry.  Later, we came back and painted the rest of each rock so they were all totally covered.


Once the paint was totally dry, I let LC go to town with some glue and google eyes.  He did the eye part all by himself, choosing which size and how many for each monster, and gluing them in place.
I drew seven different mouth options on a napkin for him and let him choose which one he wanted on each rock.

 He loved the whole process from start to finish, and he’s crazy about the finished monsters…come to think of it, so am I.  The one eyed green guy is my personal favorite.


LC’s favorite is this big blue guy.

I have a feeling we’ll be making some more of these before fall is over…


 Thanks to for the birthday gift…LC gives the paint two thumbs up and so do the monsters.  Well, they would if they had thumbs, that is.
Happy Crafting!



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  1. Amy,

    I had to comment because LC is the cutest little boy and I loved seeing the photos you took of him creating these rock monsters for his Daddy! You can see the concentration on his face as he is working and I just adore it. I know your husband is going to love these because they were made with such love for him by you both.

    As an aside, I am so glad you found those paints, don’t you hate it when you know you have something somewhere but can’t find it! I love that LC enjoys crafting and gets excited by paints. It is refreshing to see a child enjoy simple things and not need video games and the like to be entertained. Congrats to you and your husband for raising him to appreciate the real things in life.

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