Pinners Conference Recap: The Mod Podge Class

Friends, it’s time for the next piece of my recap from Pinners Conference in Atlanta, GA! As you may remember, Erin and I attended the conference so that I could teach three different classes, the first of which was sponsored by our friends at Plaid Crafts. Previously, I shared about our behind-the-scenes prep work; today I want to tell you all about that class, Mod Podge Beaded Bracelets!

Plaid provided each attendee with four original design patterned papers. My personal favorite was the blue and green feathers, but all four are lots of fun! They also gave every student a sheet with templates for oval, round, cone, and cylinder shaped beads.

The papers were packed into individual materials kits {a hand lettered tote bag I designed for the event!} and placed on the tables, along with an assortment of scissors, pencils, and brushes for the crafters to share.

In the front and back of the classroom, Erin and Kirsten helped me set up tables that held other shared supplies provided by Plaid; assorted colored beads, stringing elastic, and most importantly, lots and lots of Mod Podge!

Once the class started, the first step was for each person to cut out the templates for the paper beads, then trace them onto the various patterned papers. Next, they cut along the lines until they had 10-12 beads cut out.

The next step was to choose what formula of Mod Podge they wanted to use. We had all kinds to choose from: Gloss, Matte, Ultra Matte, Extreme Glitter, Hard Coat, Antique, Pearl, and more. Each person put some Mod Podge in a disposable bowl, then used it to hold the beads together as they rolled the papers around toothpicks.

Once the beads were dry, participants chose their favorite colored wooden and glass beads to add to the paper ones and strung them onto elastic.

It was fun to see all the different variations of bead shapes, sizes, and patterns!

While everyone was hard at work, I also got to share trivia about Mod Podge, like the fact that it’s turning 50 this year! I taught about its inventor, Jan Whetstone, an interior decorator from Atlanta, who came up with Mod Podge {short for “Modern Decoupage”} as a quicker, easier way to create decoupage products and even used it to cover a Volkswagen Beetle with fabric once! At the end of the class, I gave a little pop quiz and the winners got to take home some Mod Podge to use in their own projects. And of course, I got to promote National Mod Podge Day, coming up on May 19th.

It’s always a fun surprise to hand out fliers and see your face on them, right? At least it was for me…

Here’s a look at the Facebook Live tutorials happening on the 19th on Plaid’s page; be sure you tune in, especially at 10 AM!

All in all, the class was a ton of fun to teach, and I loved seeing how all the different bracelets turned out! Huge thanks to Plaid for sponsoring it and allowing me the opportunity to teach. If you happened to attend the class, I’d love for you to share a photo of yours in the One Artsy Mama & Friends Facebook group so we all can take a look.

If you weren’t able to attend, but you would like to try this project at home, you can download the papers and templates for free here and create your own!

Stay tuned for more recaps of the other two classes coming soon…

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