Pumpkins with Personality

Each fall, our Bible Study group helps to build a sukkah in our backyard so we can celebrate the Jewish holdiay Sukkot.  It’s a lot like Thanksgiving in some ways; a time to thank God for the harvest and for all of our blessings, and it’s also a way to remember how the Israelites wandered without permanent shelter while they were in the desert for 40 years. 
We believe that understanding Jewish history and culture is significant to our understanding of Jesus and all that He taught because that was the framework within which His ministry took place.  {If that sounds interesting to you and you want more info on why in the wolrd a Christian Bible Study is celebrating Jewish holidays, just click here.}
Anyway, while the men are busy with wood and power tools, we always need something to keep the little hands in the group busy!  One way to decorate the sukkah is with fruit and vegetables to represent the harvest, so we picked out these cute mini-pumpkins and decided to give them some personality!
Since it’s “Kids’ Activity” week here at One Artsy Mama, I figured it was the perfect time to show you how they turned out…and how you can do it too.
We used:
miniature pumpkins
foam adhesives
craft glue
Ultimate Fuzzy Kit containing pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes {provided by Craftprojectideas.com}
We gave each child a pumpkin and let them go to town with the embellishments.
Little Crafter, of course, would only use his favorite colors.
Coralie, age 3, had fun with stickers.
Rose {4} really loves pink, can you tell?  And Arianna {1} just cracked me up with that huge blue nose on her little guy.
I thought they turned out so festive and fun, and the kids love them!  We still have three more to make; two for children who couldn’t attend that day, and one for Baby Isaac who joined our group in August and wasn’t quite ready for his first craft.
The project basically only cost me a dollar per pumpkin, which was the price of the pumpkins themselves.  We already had all the decorating supplies around the house from previous activities and from the kit we recieved from our friends at Craftprojectideas.  Cheap, easy, and it kept a group of 1-4 year olds thoroughly entertained for quite a while.  I’ll call that a success!
What are your ideas for fun kids’ projects?  Link them up to this week’s challenge so we can all share the fun.
Happy Crafting!
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  1. Those are so cute and so full of excitement! You can totally tell the kids had fun! Honestly you’re amazing with all your energy for all the crafts you do!

  2. I love when children are given the opportunity to express their creativity and to design things themselves. They always come up with some cute ideas and even ideas that I would have never thought of! This activity allowed them to do that, so I definately love it!! All of the pumpkins have their own special touches by the children. Love love love this idea!

  3. The kids did such a great job on their pumpkins. They are so great. I also love the way your bible group looks at the Jewish history in reference to what you learn. I think learning about religions other than the one I grew up in has only enhanced my own life too. Thanks again for sharing on Monday Madness.

  4. Well, Your front porch decorations are really cute. Working with pumpkin is really challenging. My family celebrate pumpkin days in once a year. It is really fun days for us. pumpkin is my favorite.

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