2021 Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Things to Wear

Friends, one of the things I love to do each year around the holidays is share gift ideas that I think you all will enjoy giving and receiving. This year, I had so many ideas to share that I decided to split my holiday gift guide into several parts. The first part features things to wear; everything from clothing to pajamas to jewelry. These ideas are great for the moms, sisters, friends, and other women in your life, and you just might find yourself adding a few to your own wish list. All of the items in this section are actually things I personally own myself or am giving to someone else, so I can vouch for their quality and overall fabulousness! Take a look…


Slim Nan Locket – Monica Rich Kosann

For several years, I knew I wanted a locket for my boys’ photos so I could keep them close to my heart. I spent a long time searching for one that was petite and worked for every day, instead of a huge statement piece. I even ordered one that ended up being at least twice as large as I wanted it to be. Then, I found the absolute perfect locket for me; the Slim Nan Locket by Monica Rich Kosann.

This locket is 1/2″ in diameter, and it’s exactly what I wanted. It’s slim, petite, and simple, while holding my precious photos. I can’t think of a better locket, but if your style is a little larger, or you prefer a different metal or shape, the Monica Rich Kosann locket bar lets you create your own perfect necklace. Choose from square, round, oval, large, small, gold, silver, and so many other options. Also, the chain is adjustable to three different lengths, so you can lengthen or shorten it depending on your outfit. The locket bar process also helps you to upload and print your photos in exactly the right size and shape so they easily snap into place. This makes a special, personal gift for any of the ladies in your life.

Lazy One Pajama Set – Lazy One 

I absolutely love pajamas, and every year, I get a new pair on Christmas Eve. The set I picked for this year is this “Latte” set from the Lazy One Amazon Store. I mean, with my love for coffee, they were an obvious choice, don’t you agree? There are also tons of other funny designs to pick from as both sets and separates, including some with sloths, llamas, otters, dogs, bears, crabs, moose, bicycles, reindeer, sushi, and so much more. There’s something for literally everyone (including men and kiddos, and even matching family jammies)! These are super soft and comfortable (I mean, I had to try them on to make sure they fit…). Note: The women’s sizes run large.

Vivacious Rainbow Moonstone Necklace – Project Moment Designs

This pretty little necklace is gorgeous on its own or as part of a stack. The delicate beaded chain gives it extra detail, and it’s adjustable in length, so it can be worn with a variety of necklines. It is hand-made with love in the USA, with a 15″ strawberry quartz gemstone 24K gold-plated chain, natural rainbow moonstone, 24K gold plated connector & 1″ extender chain. Check out the Jessica Santander website for more beautiful options.

IHOT Vintage Women’s Dress With Pockets

Now that I do multiple television segments a week, I am constantly in need of dresses to wear. In particular, I love dresses with pockets, because they’re the perfect place to stash the microphone pack…and well, because, pockets!! I found this gorgeous red and black/white polka dot one on Amazon and immediately fell in love with it. It fits like a glove, true to size, and it’s also available in other colors and designs (hint, hint, family)! Oh, and it’s machine washable. You’re welcome.


14K Gold Filled Diamond Cut Dainty Charm CZ Nasreen Necklace – RustikHeart

I searched high and low this year for a delicate solitaire CZ necklace. Finally, I found the perfect one on Etsy! This beautiful little pendant is dainty, super-shiny, and works beautifully alone or as part of a stack. The chain is fully adjustable; not just to pre-determined lengths. Instead, it has a slider that lets you adjust to literally any spot you like. There is even a tiny little cubic zirconia on the end of the chain too! Love this so much you want more? You can also get a matching bracelet! Want to see me wearing it? Check out my recent segment on Studio 5.


Morse Code Bracelet – RustikHeart

I am a huge fan of personal gifts that come with a meaning. This special little bracelet spells out “sister” in morse code; round beads represent the dots and tube beads represent dashes, with spacer beads in between. I’m going to be gifting this to my sister-in-law, who loves delicate, understated jewelry. I love how it has a special meaning that she will know without being overly obvious to everyone else! These bracelets are also available with lots of different words, including various names for moms, dads, grandparents, and friends, and more general ones too, like “strength.” Want something that’s not listed? KD will make you a custom morse code bracelet with any word you choose.

Coated Denim Jacket – White House Black Market

Friends, I’m barely exaggerating when I say I live in this jacket. I got it a few months back, and now it is my absolute go-to. I wear it over blouses, over tank tops, over dresses, and pretty much everywhere. It is unbelievably soft and comfortable, with a bit of stretch. Dress it up or down, wear it with jeans or a skirt, just wear it everywhere! That’s what I do!

Mixed Metals Dia Bracelets – Emerson & Oliver

I got this little Mixed Metals Dia Bracelet stack about six months ago and I can probably count on one hand the days I haven’t worn it. It literally matches everything, and the bracelets are so lightweight I don’t even notice I’m wearing them.

If you watch my tutorial videos or my news segments, you’ll notice that more often than not, these bracelets are on my wrist. They are available in other stacks too; all gold, all silver, etc., and there are also some with little charms on them. Mix them, match them, enjoy them.

Lisa Leonard Stackable Name Rings & Passage Ring

If you watch my videos, the other thing you’ll notice is that I literally always have three rings on my right hand. Two are the Stackable Name Rings, one for each of my sons. The other is the Passage Ring, which was a gift from my husband for my most recent birthday. I couldn’t love them more. I never ever take them off, and they are as beautiful today as the day I received them. They’re personal, meaningful, and beautiful; a perfect gift for anyone you love.

I hope you love these gift ideas as much as I do. I can personally speak to the quality and beauty of all of these items, and I can also answer any questions you might have about them, since they’re things I have, use, and wear myself. Stay tuned for the next parts of the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Things to Use, Things for the Home, and Things for the World, all coming soon!

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