Woodland Friends: Stringfellow Crafts

One of the most fun parts of my job is when I get to introduce you all to other artsy craftsy folks who absolutely rock my socks with the fun things they make. Today, I want you to meet my friend Megan who is lucky enough to live in California and who has more natural artistic talent in her pinky finger than most people ever have in a lifetime.  She’s an extraordinary painter {you should see how she bought a nautical painting at the thrift store and just painted an octopus into it!} and illustrator, and she’s recently been trying her hand at making some seriously adorable stuffed woodland friends that she’s listed in her Etsy shop, Stringfellow Crafts.  I mean LOOK at these things!


She starts by sketching them, then uses fabric and fleece to make them into the most adorable, huggable little creatures imaginable.  Meet Mr. Skunk. Cozy in his scarf, he’s a happy little camper and promises not to make a stink in your house.


Or maybe you prefer Miss Mouse.  She wears a hand embroidered dress and coat and tops off her ensemble with a tiny fleece scarf.  Have you ever seen a better dressed stuffie friend? She promises not to eat all your cheese if you just give her a little love.


My personal favorite is Mr. Fox. He’s cute enough all on his own, but his tiny buttoned coat and scarf are just the icing on the adorable-cake. What does the fox say? I don’t speak fox, but I bet it’s something like, “I’m too handsome for my coat, too handsome for my coat…”


Which brings us to the final woodland friend, Little Crafter’s personal favorite…Mr. Snail.  His body is made of fleece and he has an adorable removable winter hat so that he’ll be comfortable when warmer weather comes around.


Megan heard about LC’s obsession with the snail {due to the Kindle game SnailBob}, and she was sweet enough to make and send him his very own stuffie.  You should have seen his face when he opened the box. He immediately named it SnailBob, gave it a kiss, and wouldn’t put it down for the rest of the day…you can see in the photo that he couldn’t even be bothered to take off his coat when we came in from the mailbox.  The next day, SnailBob went to school with him and met all of his friends who wanted to take turns holding and petting him, which LC allowed but only if they promised to be gentle.


These woodland friends are seriously SO cute; just as adorable in person as they are in the photos. Little Crafter is absolutely in love. Megan has other fun goodies in her shop too including art prints and Dr. Who artworks, and you can even request that she make you something custom.  Those of you who know my partner-in-crime and fellow Goodwill upcycler Erin might recognize her three boys in this painting done by Megan…how amazing is this?  The goldfish crackers are coming to life…


And as for me, this is a little sketch Megan put together on a Starbucks cup last week…

Starbuckscup starbuckscupcollage

See what I mean?  Endless talent!  So stop by and check out her shop on Etsy and be sure to follow her Facebook page so you don’t miss her newest creations!  Since the holidays are right around the corner, Megan is offering One Artsy Mama readers a 20% discount on all purchases from her shop when you use the code ARTSY at checkout. This code is good through Dec.1, so if you have little ones in your life who would enjoy these woodland friends as much as LC does, stop by and make good use of it! Thanks Megan, for the snail and the fun cup, and for making the world a more beautiful place!


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