Cheap, Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids

If you walk into our house today, it looks like Valentine’s Day exploded.
Everywhere you look, you’ll find red, pink, and lots and lots {and lots} of glitter.
{As Little Crafter so adorably recites, “Glitter makes everything better!”}
We’ve been busy bees lately, tackling all sorts of fun projects.  My intention today was actually to work on a wall hanging similar to this one I saw on Pinterest a few weeks ago, so I had LC painting some wooden hearts.
Pinned Image
…But of course that wasn’t enough for him.  “More hearts, Mommy.  I want to paint more hearts!!”
Of course you do.
Since we were covered in paint and Michael’s doesn’t deliver to my door, I figured I’d run up to the craft room and see what I might have already on hand that he could paint.  We were in luck!  I found several other heart shaped projects for him to tackle that were easy, fun, and best of all FREE since I already had everything we needed!  Here they are:
All we needed for this project were a few random small wooden hearts, glitter, magnets, and hot glue.
You could substitute pin backs for the magnets too.
LC just painted the hearts, then sprinkled glitter on while the paint was wet.
Special thanks to for providing the glitter shakers as well as the magnetic buttons.
You guys rock our socks the way you support our crafting addiction!
This guy is just one of those cardboard ornaments you can buy in the craft store around Christmas time…ours has a few all year round over in the section where you find all the wooden things.  Once again, a little paint and a lot of glitter, and you’ve got yourself a pretty little decoration!
I can’t even remember when or why I bought this cute little heart shaped box, but LC claimed it for himself.  It’s made of the same cardboardy stuff as the ornament {does anyone know what it is?}, so once again, some paint and some glitter, and ta-da!
He tells me he’s going to keep his “tweasures” in there.
Little Crafter had a ball making all of these, and he’s getting so good at painting that I really didn’t help at all, other than to hold things still for him while he worked.  And the best part for me was that all that fun was free!  We already had the hearts, the paint, and the glitter, so it was a cheap way to get in a festive mood!
What about you?  What do you have laying around that could be painted and glittered?
I think LC would paint and glitter anything that didn’t move…and even then, he might chase it!

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  1. Oh yes, I think he would chase something, lol. And as far as Michael’s goes, with your history they just might deliver for you, lol. Of course you didn’t need it today which always feels great, doesn’t it. Your house is going to be adorable with all these decorations sprinkled about.

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