Make 1000, Give…??

Image is a collage of handmade hearts and Amy’s headshot.

In February, I shared a special project with you. Along with the non-profit organization Hearts Need Art, I challenged crafters all over the country to use those creative talents to make a difference for some people very much in need of hope and encouragement. The goal was that we wanted to collect 1000 handmade hearts by May 1, which would then be gifted to hospital patients facing long-term and life-altering illnesses. I had no doubt we could do it, because I know that the crafting community is full of amazing people with big hearts, who would rise to the challenge.

But I confess, you surprised me. You blessed my socks off.

We asked you for 1,000 hearts. But you didn’t stop there. Hundreds of crafters from 38 states, plus Canada, Australia, Italy, and Sweden, got to work. Individuals participated, as well as church groups, 4-H clubs, elementary schools, craft guilds and clubs, and even a Chick-Fil-A!

You painted, drew, crocheted, sewed, needle felted, embroidered, knitted, beaded, paper crafted, wove, woodworked, and more, then sent your creations off to us. So, did we reach our goal of 1,000?

Image is a collage of a variety of handmade hearts.


Yes, friends, we did. FOUR. TIMES. OVER.

With your help, the grand total we collected is:

4,001 handmade hearts

Image is an overhead view of a large cardboard box filled with hundreds of handmade hearts.

I cannot put into words how incredibly grateful I am for your generosity. You gave of your time, your supplies, and your talents, and helped us meet our goal four times over. That means we will have enough hearts for all of the patients we serve, as well as for some of their caregivers! Here’s the card we will be distributing along with the hearts, starting this May 19. We also have a card for the doctors and nurses, thanking them for their sacrifices and care.

Image is a copy of the card that will be distributed to patients with the handmade hearts.

YOU made this possible. We issued the challenge, but without you, it was only a vision. YOUR hands made these hearts and I can’t tell you how much they will encourage and bless the patients and medial staff receiving them. Distribution starts Friday, and I am going to be flying to San Antonio personally to help hand them out. Follow along on my social media @amylattacreations for photos, videos, and stories during this very special trip. Also, be sure you’re following @heartsneedart for updates on this as well as other opportunities to get involved!

Thank you for using your creativity to make the world a better place. We truly couldn’t have done this without you.

Image contains a large cardboard box overflowing with handmade hearts.

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  1. So happy to see the results .I am not sure if you are aware of it,but hearts were sent from Australia also.A remarkable effort by qll contributors.

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