Felt Elephant Brooch

Hello Artsy Mama Reader!  I’m Nancy from Small Things with Love back again to share what I have been stitching up.  I am so thrilled to be stopping by here each month with a project to share.  Amy has been a powerful mentor in my blogging journey, and I just can’t believe that I am now a small part of her blog.

In case I didn’t share this last month, I sort of have a thing with felt.  I love it, maybe a little too much!  If you head over to my blog you might get overwhelmed with the sheer number of projects I have completed with this material.  But what isn’t there to love about felt?  It comes in so many great colors, it doesn’t fray and the possibilities with felt are endless.  It can be made into toys, jewelry, décor and even accessories.  Accessories like these cute little elephant brooches.

Want to make one yourself?  Well, here’s how!


Felt (2 colors for the elephant and one for the flowers)

Embroidery Thread and Needle

Bar Pin

Hot Glue

I should note, I thought about making a template, but in the end didn’t.  The shapes are really easy.  Just give it a shot, you don’t need a template for this project.

1. After you have cut our your pieces (two identical face/trunk pieces and one ear piece), hand stitch on details to the face of the elephant.  The eyes are just several small black stitches and the trunk lines are back stitches.

2. Pin together the pieces as shown: an elephant head shape on the top and bottom and the ears piece between.

3. Then, stitch around the entire elephant face piece with a running stitch.

4.  Next, create and add the flower.  A full tutorial for making this 5 leaf flower can be found here.

As a last step, glue the bar pin to the back.

Of course, you might not NEED a felt elephant brooch, but don’t you want one?

Thanks for coming and sharing with me today!  If you like this felt project, consider checking out these other projects:


Thanks again, Amy!
See you all next month,

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  1. Nancy! These are adorable! I love them (and want one, too). I went through an elephant phase when I was a teenager, and have always had a special place in my heart reserved for those fellas. 🙂

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