DIY Graduation Gift

Looking for a creative way to gift your favorite graduate some cash? Here’s a cute DIY you can do to transform a cup or mason jar into a festive monetary present. Or, you can fill it with candy, gift cards, and other treats instead!

Image contains a class cup with a black cardstock graudation cap on top. The cup is filled with gold confetti and rolled up money.

How To Make A Graduation Cash Jar


a clear cup or mason jar

black cardstock

ribbon (metallic works great)

a tassel


scissors, paper cutter, glue/adhesive


Step 1: Cut your cardstock into a 2” wide strip and a 4.25” square.

The strip should be trimmed to fit around your cup/jar top with a bit of overlap.

Step 2: Create the cap.

Wrap the strip around your container and secure with glue or other adhesive. If you are using a cup with a straw, cut a hole in the square where the straw will go through. Then, adhere the square to the cup lid. Tie a tassel onto a piece of ribbon and secure the ribbon to the top of the cap.

Image contains a glass cup with a black cardstock graduation cap on the lid. It sits on a white table surrounded by gold star confetti.
Step 3: Roll cash bills with the right side facing out and tie to create “diplomas.”
Image contains a ten dollar bill laying flat on a white table with rolled up dollar bills beside it.
Step 4: Fill the cup with confetti and cash or other treats.

Feel free to use school colors! You can also decorate the cup itself with stickers, vinyl, etc.

Image contains a glass cup with the top decorated to look like a graduation cap made of black cardstock. The cup is filled with confetti and money.

That’s all there is to it! Is there a graduate in your life who would love to receive this DIY gift? If you try this project, be sure to share your photos in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so we can all be inspired!

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