Graduation Doodles

Image contains the phrase "doodles for Graduation," surrounded by hand-drawn images of a graduation cap, a rolled diploma, a medal, an open diploma, and a banner.

Looking for a way to decorate cards, gifts, and more for the graduates in your life? Try these five graduation themed doodles! Grab a pencil and your favorite markers (or an iPad, the Procreate app, and your Apple Pencil), and let’s get started!


Image contains a step by step tutorial for drawing a graduation cap, as described below.

Start by drawing a diamond shape for the top of the hat. Then, draw two vertical lines connected with a “v” shape for the bottom section. Add a circle on top, and finally, sketch the tassel. Color in the hat (usually black), and feel free to personalize the tassel in your school’s colors.


Image contains step by step sketches for drawing a rolled diploma, as described below.

Draw a spiral, then add a long vertical line coming down from each side. Connect those lines at the bottom, and add two triangle shapes on the right side. Draw a tie around the center of the diploma, along with a circle and two streamers.


Image contains step by step illustrations for drawing an open diploma, as described below.

Start with a backwards “s” shape, then draw three horizontal lines extending out to the left. Connect those lines on the left side to create the basic shape of an open scroll. Add a few more short horizontal lines for detail, to make the paper look rolled. Finally add some words, lines, and a seal to make the diploma look official.


Image contains step by step illustrations for drawing a medal, as described below.

First, draw a circle with a slightly smaller circle inside. Next, draw an upside down “u” shape on top. Add lines inside to create the effect of a folded ribbon. Then, color in your medal.

Image contains a step by step process for drawing a banner, as described below.

Begin with a shape that looks like a rounded “z”. Then, add an “L” shape to create the front part of the banner, and finish it off with a sideways “v.” Draw a second sideways “v” and short line to create the back section of the banner. Add vertical lines to indicate the area where the ribbon is folded. Then, you can write a name, the year, or anything else you like inside.

Hope you enjoy these doodles, and congratulations to all the graduates! Make sure to check out my Father’s Day Doodles, Summer Doodles, and 5 More Doodles for Summer!


Image contains a collage of graduation themed doodles.

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